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ETC On My Side

ETC OnMySide - Working for you, to keep Cable costs in check.

Learn how ETC is fighting to keep your rates as low as possibleEach year cable networks and broadcast affiliates continue to increase the programming fees they charge ETC for the right to deliver their movies, shows and sporting events. Today, over 80% of cable programming you receive is delivered by nine powerful media conglomerates that continue to push higher fees and require carriage of low value networks to obtain favorable rates on their high value content.

ETC, along with hundreds of local, independent Cable TV providers throughout the country are working together to keep these costs in check.  By uniting with other companies, we are working together to achieve more flexibility and better offerings for you at the lowest possible price.
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Remaining Networks Up for Renewal in 2020:

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AXS Networks
(The Following 2 Channels)
HDNet Movies  HDNet Movies
Turner Broadcasting
(The Following 11 Channels)
Cartoon Network  Cartoon Network
truTV  truTV
Boomerang  Boomerang
Turner Classic Movies  Turner Classic Movies
Stingray Digital Music
(The Following 50 Channels)
Adult Alternative  Adult Alternative
Classic Rock  Classic Rock
Rock  Rock
Rock Alternative  Rock Alternative
Heavy Metal  Heavy Metal
Alt Classic Rock  Alt Classic Rock
Country Classics  Country Classics
Americiana  Americiana
Hot Country  Hot Country
No Fences  No Fences
Bluegrass  Bluegrass
Folk Roots  Folk Roots
Flashback 70's  Flashback 70's
Flashback 80's  Flashback 80's
Nothin But 90's  Nothin But 90's
Jukebox Oldies  Jukebox Oldies
Dance Clubbin'
  Dance Clubbin'
Easy Listening  Easy Listening
Swinging Standards  Swinging Standards
Hit List  Hit List
Groove Disco & Funk  Groove Disco & Funk
Maximum Party  Maximum Party
The Chill Lounge  The Chill Lounge
Pop Adult  Pop Adult
The Light  The Light
Jammin  Jammin
Gospel  Gospel
Holiday Hits  Holiday Hits
Broadway  Broadway
Chamber Music  Chamber Music
Classic Masters  Classic Masters
Pop Classics  Pop Classics
Eclectic Electric  Eclectic Electric
Jazz Masters  Jazz Masters
Jazz Now  Jazz Now
Hip Hop  Hip Hop
Smooth Jazz  Smooth Jazz
The Blues  The Blues
Y2K  Y2K
The SPA  The SPA
Kids' Stuff  Kids' Stuff
Urban Beats  Urban Beats
Classic RnB & Soul  Classic RnB & Soul
Soul Storm  Soul Storm
Latino Tropical  Latino Tropical
Today's Latin Pop  Today's Latin Pop
Latino Urbana  Latino Urbana
Retro Latino  Retro Latino
Rock en Espanol  Rock en Espanol
Romance Latino  Romance Latino
Scripps Networks
(The Following 6 Channels)
Food Network  Food Network
Travel Channel  Travel Channel
GAC Family  GAC Family
Food Network HD  Food Network HD
Sinclair Broadcast
(The Following 7 Channels)
CW (Chattanooga)  CW (Chattanooga)
ABC (Chattanooga)  ABC (Chattanooga)
MeTV (Chattanooga)  MeTV (Chattanooga)
MyNet (Chattanooga)  MyNet (Chattanooga)
THIS (Chattanooga)  THIS (Chattanooga)
ABC HD (Chattanooga)  ABC HD (Chattanooga)
CW HD (Chattanooga)  CW HD (Chattanooga)
Starz-Encore Networks
(The Following 14 Channels)
Starz Encore Family  Starz Encore Family
Starz Encore  Starz Encore
Starz Encore Western  Starz Encore Western
Starz Encore Classic  Starz Encore Classic
Starz Encore Suspense  Starz Encore Suspense
Starz Encore Black  Starz Encore Black
Starz Encore Action  Starz Encore Action
Starz  Starz
Starz Edge  Starz Edge
Starz Cinema  Starz Cinema
Starz Kids & Family  Starz Kids & Family
Starz in Black  Starz in Black
Starz Comedy  Starz Comedy
Starz HD  Starz HD
Independent Networks
25  Total Networks
ABC (Atlanta)  ABC (Atlanta)
CBS (Atlanta)  CBS (Atlanta)
MyATLtv (Atlanta)  MyATLtv (Atlanta)
NBC (Atlanta)  NBC (Atlanta)
Peachtree (Atlanta)  Peachtree (Atlanta)
NBC (Chattanooga)  NBC (Chattanooga)
CBS (Chattanooga)  CBS (Chattanooga)
Outdoor Channel  Outdoor Channel
11 Alive Weather (Atlanta)  11 Alive Weather (Atlanta)
ME TV (Atlanta)  ME TV (Atlanta)
Bounce (Chattanooga)  Bounce (Chattanooga)
NFL Network  NFL Network
ABC HD (Atlanta)  ABC HD (Atlanta)
NBC HD (Chattanooga)  NBC HD (Chattanooga)
NBC HD (Atlanta)  NBC HD (Atlanta)
CBS HD (Chattanooga)  CBS HD (Chattanooga)
CBS HD (Atlanta)  CBS HD (Atlanta)
MyATLtv HD (Atlanta)  MyATLtv HD (Atlanta)
Peachtree HD (Atlanta)  Peachtree HD (Atlanta)
NFL Network HD ***  NFL Network HD ***
Outdoor Channel HD  Outdoor Channel HD
Dabl  Dabl
GRIT (Atlanta)  GRIT (Atlanta)
Antenna TV (Atlanta)  Antenna TV (Atlanta)
GRIT (Chattanooga)  GRIT (Chattanooga)
ETC is On Your Side working to keep Cable rates down
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