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Rover by ETC

ETC Rover - Whole-Home DVR & Streaming

Rover Update on 4-10-18

Enjoying an interesting program, but want to move from the living room to another room? With Rover, you can easily pause your programming, live or recorded, and start it in the next room.*

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Share & Everyone is STILL Happy!
Rover lets your household share. Record up to five shows at once. No need to fight over which programming is the most important.*
Slick Navigation
We have made it easier to do more with a new interface that is intuitive to use, giving you full control over your media experience.*
HD Storage
Rover is ready to give you the best experience possible. Watch and record all your favorite programming. Record up to 200 hours of HD video. Keep what you want to keep; no need to delete your programming to make room for more. #ETCRover *

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Fully Featured Streaming
Your mobile experience with Rover is awesome. With a swipe of your finger, you have access to the entire Choice TV package to which you are subscribed.*
Stream with Complete Control
Your Apple or Android mobile device can act as a remote. The integration is seamless. Your Rover remote configuration is exactly copied to your device.*

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Just like Home
Record, Pause, Rewind... Just like sitting in front of your TV at home, you have all the functionality on your mobile device. Want to watch a program already recorded at home? It is available on your mobile. Want to start watching on your mobile, pause, and continue watching on your living room TV? It is as easy to do as it sounds with Rover. #ETCRover*

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Seamless Control
The Player is small yet powerful. You may connect as many Players to your Rover as you need, giving you and your family members individual control of what and where they want to watch their favorite programming.*

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Wi-Fi Connection
Place your TV anywhere you have power with the Wi-Fi capability of the Rover Player. The Player connects to your Rover, allowing you to see all recordings and other features you would have if you were sitting in front of the Rover. #ETCRover*

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Rover Pricing
Rover Pricing  
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Rover Settop
Player Pricing  
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Player Settop
Basic Remote

Rover Support Guides
* Rover Streaming and Mobile App usage requires IGNITE Internet to function. Rover used without ETC IGNITE internet will function but some features will not work or will be limited. Only 6 tuners are available concurrently. Data usage rates may apply for streaming not using a Wi-Fi connection. Taxes and other fees are not shown but may apply. Rates shown is per month.
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