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IGNITE Internet by ETC

Wi-Fi Router Rentals | Standard, IQRouter & AirTies Mesh Managed

Untether Yourself
With laptops and other mobile devices, none of us want to be stuck behind a computer desk. With Standard Wi-Fi, you can freely move around your home on supported devices.
No Worries
Getting Standard Wi-Fi from ETC takes the worry of having to buy the correct equipment, set it up and replace it if something goes terribly wrong. If ETC’s router starts acting up, we troubleshoot it and swap it out if we can’t fix it. Nice and easy!
No Contracts
If you ever decide to brave the wide world of networking on your own, that’s okay. You can cancel anytime. You can also come back anytime too! We are here for you.
Share Your Internet
How any times have family and guests asked for Wi-Fi? Yep, pretty much everyone expects Wi-Fi now today. With ETC Standard Wi-Fi, you can let each vistor share a little piece of your Internet connection. Get Standard Wi-Fi Today!
Improves DSL & VPN Service Experience
DSL customers see an immediate improvement thanks to our intelligent traffic management that is optimized for your specific line. VPN customers will have stable connections where other routers allow lag and latency.
Better Streaming!
A better experience when streaming is a reality by managing all your internet traffic and keeping the flow of outbound responses to the streaming service as smooth and consistent as possible.
Reduced Latency
If testing your Internet speed via a speed test, you may see lower than expected speeds. This is due to the traffic management system and does not reflect your true speed. However, you get quicker results on page loads thanks to radically reduced latencies under load.
Quality Internet
IQrouter's smart traffic management system steps in to control data speeds when the line starts to become congested. When the communication line isn’t saturated with data, it’s allowed to deliver data at the maximum speed, but as soon as there’s congestion, the data speed needs to be intelligently throttled and managed in order to maintain Internet Quality. Get Enhanced IQRouter Wi-Fi Today!
Mesh Wi-Fi
With our Mesh network, alternative routes are always on. If a WiFi Access Point is powered down or a link is not usable for any reason, your data will be re-routed through alternative paths immediately. Our Mesh WiFi constantly reevaluates connections, applications and data flows to maximize wireless network capabilities and give you a better WiFi experience
ETC Manages it All!
Your entire Mesh WiFi network will be managed by ETC’s team of experts who will work with you to analyze your requirements and manage your day-to-day needs. You will no longer need to deal with the stress of network design, maintenance and downtime.
No Dead Spots & Easy Expansion
Mesh makes sure you have Wi-Fi coverage everywhere. You will not be that house where family and guests are wandering around until they find the best signal. You will have a strong signal everywhere. Need to expand? We can easily add another Mesh Wi-Fi access point so your off and going with an optimized network.
No More Conflicts!
Non-mesh networks suffer when adding network expanders and other W-Fi routers to the mix when trying to get better coverage. Why? Because there is Wi-Fi frequency overlap and signal conflict which actually causes slower speeds. Mesh Wi-Fi is designed to work in harmony and eliminate those annoying conflicts that show up in buffered content and slow connections. Get Advanced AirTies Wi-Fi Today!

* Internet bandwidth varies by customer location. All bandwidth not available in all areas. In very limited areas, only lesser bandwidth options are available. Higher speeds only where IGNITE internet available.
WiFi Hot Spots
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