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I need assistance with my Digital Cable Interactive Menu.
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for Closed Captioning issues,
please contact ETC at:

Phone 800-660-6826
Fax 706-276-9888
P.O. Box 0, Ellijay, GA 30536
Remote Controls
How Do I Scan to find Channels with my Digital TV?
Set Up and User Guides
Click on the links below for set up and user guide documents.
Motorola DCH6416 specs
Motorola DCH6400 specs
What are sun spots and how do they affect my cable TV?
Sun spots are magnetic disturbances on the surface of the sun. You'll notice them mostly in the spring and fall, when the energy they give off is more likely to interfere with the satellites that carry many of your cable channels. The result of these disturbances can result in varied levels of static on your television. These conditions quickly pass.
Why can't I view channels past channel thirteen?
Most likely your Television needs to be reprogrammed to accommodate the channels above Channel 13. Please consult your television's user manual. Usually you will find a setting relating to 'Input type', and this should be set to 'Cable', not 'Antenna'.
Why does my bill differ from others in surrounding areas?
This is due to differing FCC taxes from county to county.
How do I suggest cable TV channels?
You can suggest channels and offer other suggestions by clicking here.
What do I do if my cable TV is not working?
Many television reception problems are minor and can be fixed quickly and easily on your own. Check the questions on the list below before calling customer service. If you answered "Yes" to all questions, call us using your local number listed at the bottom of this page for service.
  • Is your TV plugged in and turned on?
  • Is the converter box plugged in and turned on?
  • Are both the TV and VCR on channel 3 (channel 4 in some systems)?
  • Are all switches set correctly (on CATV or Cable Mode)?
  • Are all cable connections tight and secure?
  • Are you sure you have a cable problem and not a TV problem? Check all cable outlets to be sure. Picture roll, shrinking picture size, and blank screens with or without sound usually indicate a problem with the TV and not the cable service.
  • Is your remote working? If not, try changing the batteries.
  • Are all electrical outlets that the equipment is plugged into active? (Test this by plugging a lamp into the outlet and see if the lamp works).
    If there is a switch that controls the outlet that the equipment is plugged into, make sure that it hasn't been accidentally turned off.
What is the difference between HDTV & HDTV-Ready?
An HDTV (also called an "integrated HDTV") combines an HD-capable display and an HDTV tuner in one package. The tuner can usually receive both digital and analog over-the-air broadcasts. Nearly all HDTV sets use the widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio. This type of TV and ETC Basic cable are all you need in order to receive HD programming. The integrated tuner can detect the Digital Channels that we simulcast. An HDTV-ready TV (also called an "HDTV monitor") has the high-resolution display, but must be connected to a separate HDTV tuner to receive digital broadcasts. HDTV-ready TVs can have either the square 4:3 aspect ratio or the widescreen 16:9 ratio.
Why do I have black bars on my TV?
click here for examples
TV Broadcasts are sent to ETC in many different formats from our networks. We retransmit them to our customers in the same format in which we receive them. Some are broadcast in a 16:9 aspect ratio or “Widescreen.” Others are broadcast in a 4:3 ratio or “Standard” format. Many of the new HD TV’s have a screen size of 16:9 and most of the HD content is broadcast in this same way. Most is the key word because some of the older content that was recorded before “Widescreen” has not been reformatted to the new standard. Some of the new content such as news casts and soap operas are still broadcast in standard format which means you will have black bars on the sides of your screen.
How can I get the best audio out of my DVR?
A DVR has a digital coaxial output and a fiber optic audio output for the optimum connection assuming you have a TV or Home Audio Equipment that also has this input. This is the only way to broadcast digital information and take full advantage of the audio available with the new HD broadcasts. Utilizing the standard left and right (red and white) audio connections only allows an analog audio connection even if you have it connected to the best audio equipment available.
Why do I have a white volume bar at the top of my screen with my new remote?
When ETC installs a digital cable receiver we enable a setting on the receiver called “Optimal Stereo” which constantly outputs audio at a fixed level and then the user is able to control the TV’s volume as they wish. This setting is found under the home menu, then settings, then audio settings, then toggle to the left or right so that “Optimal Stereo” reads “Yes”. Then we set the remote control to always control the TV’s volume so you don’t have to worry about changing both settings. If you get a new remote without these changes, you can disable the optimal stereo settings accidentally. To program your new remote, see Remote Controls and see the "Changing Volume Lock" section to set it up appropriately for use.
What are the best cables to hook up my TV for optimum viewing on HD?
Many different types of cable are capable of repeating the 1080i image whether they are Component video cables (Supplied by ETC), HDMI cables, and DVI cables. HDMI cables allow the TV to communicate with the DVR and exchange information about proper settings with no additional input from the user. In this day of ever changing technology, this TV-DVR communication can cause compatibility errors as the broadcasters ultimately influence the information transmitted to your TV.
How do I change the front of the Motorola set-top to display the channel instead of time?
The method to change the front display is to press menu 2 times, select Cable Box Settings settings, then front LED Display, then select either channel or time. Once you are satisfied with your settings, press exit to return to your program.
How do I change the video output settings of the DVR to match my TV?
Not all HDTVs can display every output format (1080i, 720p, 480p, or 480i) available on the Motorola receiver. To select a different format:
1 Ensure that your Motorola receiver is plugged into a power outlet and is turned off.
2 Press the MENU key on the front panel. Your settings are displayed on the Motorola receiver front panel display.
3 Press the Arrow Upand Arrow Downkeys to display the YPbPr OUTPUT setting.
4 Press the Arrow Right  key to cycle through the available output formats until a picture displays on the TV.
My picture is frozen but the audio is still on from some other channel, what can I do?
Unplug Power Cord from wall and allow unit to reset for 5 seconds, DVR may take up to 2 minutes to reset after reconnecting. If problem persists, call the repair line. Simply turning OFF and ON from the remote will not usually fix this problem.
I have no audio, but the picture is on.
Check to see if Mute is enabled on both the DVR and the TV set. If not, you may have scheduled a recording and powered the DVR off. The DVR can turn itself on to do the recording and the volume is locked so as not to disturb you. If you leave the DVR turned On all of the time, this shouldn’t be a problem.
I have no picture, but I have audio and the info bar.
Either disconnect the power cord and allow the DVR to reset, or press List on your remote and watch one of your previous recordings. Exit from the recording and all things should operate just fine.
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