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ETC On My Side

ETC OnMySide - Working for you, to keep Cable costs in check.

Learn how ETC is fighting to keep your rates as low as possibleEach year cable networks and broadcast affiliates continue to increase the programming fees they charge ETC for the right to deliver their movies, shows and sporting events. Today, over 80% of cable programming you receive is delivered by nine powerful media conglomerates that continue to push higher fees and require carriage of low value networks to obtain favorable rates on their high value content.

ETC, along with hundreds of local, independent Cable TV providers throughout the country are working together to keep these costs in check.  By uniting with other companies, we are working together to achieve more flexibility and better offerings for you at the lowest possible price.
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Remaining Networks Up for Renewal in 2016:

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Fox Networks
(The Following 21 Channels)
FOX (Atlanta)  FOX (Atlanta)
Fox Sports 2  Fox Sports 2
FOX (Chattanooga)  FOX (Chattanooga)
FOX News  FOX News
FOX Business  FOX Business
Fox Sports Southeast  Fox Sports Southeast
National Geographic Channel  National Geographic Channel
FX Movie Channel  FX Movie Channel
Fox Sports 1  Fox Sports 1
Fox Sports 2 HD  Fox Sports 2 HD
FOX HD (Atlanta)  FOX HD (Atlanta)
FOX HD (Chattanooga)  FOX HD (Chattanooga)
Fox Sports 1 HD ***  Fox Sports 1 HD ***
National Geographic Channel HD  National Geographic Channel HD
Fox News HD  Fox News HD
Fox Sports Southeast HD  Fox Sports Southeast HD
Fox Sports South  Fox Sports South
Fox Sports South HD  Fox Sports South HD
CW (Atlanta)  CW (Atlanta)
Independent Networks
1  Total Networks
ReelzChannel  ReelzChannel
ETC is On Your Side working to keep Cable rates down
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