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ETC Computer Repair & Networking  You have Choices with ETC Computer Repair & Networking
Advanced Wireless Networking
Advanced Wireless NetworkingA step above Basic Wireless Networking, Advanced Wireless Networking provides a critical layer of security. You will still enjoy the convenience of wireless network connectivity for your PC or laptop, but your service will be fully encrypted. **cost of equipment not included
  • ETC will install a wireless router to work with ETC’s Broadband service
  • Set up and configure up to 3 wireless enabled personal computers
  • Enable wireless encryption security
  • Test your wireless connection for proper functionality
Advanced PC Hardware Upgrades
Advanced PC Hardware UpgradesETC can enhance your PC or laptop by installing an internal or external PC component. Boost your productivity and entertainment by letting ETC Professional Services upgrade your PC. **cost of equipment not included
  • ETC’s installation service may include graphics card, memory, hard drive, optical drive, MP3 player, scanner, or printer.
PC Tune-Up / Virus & Spyware Removal
PC Tune-Up / Virus & Spyware RemovalFor a while you have known something is not right with your computer. Let the professionals at ETC diagnose and correct the issues. We will find and fix issues with your operating system, optimize your PC, and remove virus and spyware.* Virus Cleaning may not always be successful. If this is the case, it may be necessary to delete and reload the Operating System on your computer. You would only be charged labor fees for backup and restore of files and OS reload (no charges incurred for un-successful virus cleaning).
  • ETC will repair operating systems errors ( boot issues, blue screens, etc)
  • Remove any viruses or spyware)
  • Update and optimize your PC
  • Provide recommendations on options for further improving your PC
Operating System
Operating System Re-LoadETC can re-install your original operating system (OS) so you can have a clean start. A fresh OS will correct corrupt system files or an un-cleanable virus infection. ETC will install all drivers and get your system up to date. Customer must have all original computer and OS disk for these prices to apply. **cost of Data Backup and Restore not included
  • ETC will Re-format your Hard Drive and re-install your operating system (OS)
  • Perform all Windows Updates applicable to your OS.)
  • Setup existing e-mail accounts in either Outlook Express or Outlook
Data Backup and Computer Restoration
Data Backup and Restore to Customer ComputerETC can backup and restore your pictures, documents, and other important data. This service is only offered in house. This does not provide a permanent backup of the customers’ data. It is only provided as a means to restore the needed data back to the customers computer during the Operating System reinstall. *done at ETC only.
  • ETC will Backup customers’ documents to external hard drive.
  • Restore data to customer computer after OS reload or cleanup.
Miscellaneous Computer Services
Miscellaneous Computer ServicesETC can provide other repair services that do not fall into the above categories. The following charges are provided for such an instance.

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