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Questions? Call 800-717-3710 or email support@ellijay.com.

Broadband Cable Internet Service provides greater bandwidth for your communication needs: faster throughput, bringing you the data you need more efficiently; shared data and voice, providing seamless communication with your friends and family. These connections will require you have a PC or laptop equipped with a network card to take advantage of your faster connection to the Internet. ETC will provide a modem to connect your primary computer to the broadband connection. ETC currently uses Arris modems and MTAs. Please contact our Internet support team if you experience any problems with your cable broadband service.

A Broadband DSL connection requires a DSL modem. ETC currently uses Netopia modems. These modems are preconfigured with data that maintains your connection. At no point should you reset these modems unless instructed by a trained ETC Support Technician. The DSL Sync light should always be solid green. Please contact our Internet support team if you are experiencing problems with your DSL service.

SecureIT Services provides a set of computer protection services that focus on stopping and eliminating Internet security threats without any user interaction. These services provide fully managed virus and spyware protection, automated Microsoft Windows updates, an integrated pop-up blocker and ongoing hard drive maintenance and optimization for faster computer performance.


Many customers have several computers in their households. Your broadband connection can be shared between these properly equipped devices. A broadband router is often employed to share several hard wired connections. Please keep in mind this physically requires an Ethernet cable running from the router to each computer and plan accordingly. A network switch can also be used in place of router, but only with a DSL connection.

Wireless Internet Networks allow you to use your high speed connection anywhere in your home or office. Most wireless networks consist of primarily two pieces of equipment, a wireless router and a modem. The modem is supplied by us and supplies the high speed connection. A wireless router allows multiple computers to share that connection with or without wires. Additionally the computer/s that will be connecting wirelessly must have a wireless adapter that enables it to connect to the network. Wireless routers and adapters are available from ETC or other retailers.
Wireless Router Setup Instructions

Setup is simple; in most cases simply connecting the Ethernet cable coming from the modem to the internet port on the router and ensuring that the router has power will get your network up and running. If more settings are required or your connection is not functioning properly our internet support staff will be glad to help.


  • Unlimited Access*
  • E-mail
  • Over 30,000 Unfiltered Newsgroups
  • Technical Support
  • No Setup Fee
  • Monthly Rate $16.95
*Does not imply a full time connection.
Service Provider/Hostname ellijay.com
POP Server or POP3 Server mail.ellijay.com or mail.etcmail.com
SMTP Server or Mail Host smtp.ellijay.com or smtp.etcmail.com
News Host or NNTP Server news.ellijay.com
Web Mail northganow.com
Dial Up Access Numbers  
Ellijay (706) 636-3650
Blue Ridge (706) 946-3650
McCaysville (706) 632-6670
Jasper & Atlanta Area (678) 454-3650
Technical Support
by phone 800-717-3710
by email support@ellijay.com
Yes, you will need a modem. For analog dialup, we recommend a 28.8 Kbps or higher speed modem. We support 56 Kbps modems that use the V.90 56K standard. Other supported modems are K56 flex and V.34 modem. ETC supplies the Broadband modem needed for your Broadband package.

ETC does not provide any software for analog dialup. If you have Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP, the software you need is already there. Other operating systems may have to purchase or download web browser software. Examples include Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. Broadband requires a 10/100 Ethernet card on your computer, however no software is needed for Broadband.

Your email address is in the form of username@ellijay.com or username@etcmail.com. For example, if your username is “johndoe”, then your email address is johndoe@ellijay.com or johndoe@etcmail.com. ETC’s email address for internet questions is support@ellijay.com.

Your connect speed is affected by several variables. These being the phone line (quality, distance and weather), your modem (type and speed), server modems (type and speed supported) and installed drivers (both hardware and software). Because of all these factors, you should not expect you connection speed to be exactly the same as the speed listed on your modem. To determine what speed you should be able to connect, contact your computer/modem manufacturer or call ETC technical support.

Aside from the factors mentioned in the previous question, other circumstances prevent 56K modems from actually connecting at 56K. That is only the theoretical speed of the modem. In practice, the Federal Communications Commission capped the connection speed at 53 Kbps, and the real-world access is generally in the 34-48 Kbps range for these modems. More information is available at www.56K.com.

There are two ways to access your mail box. One is through our website, NorthGaNow.com. The other requires you to have an email program that will allow a POP3 connection. The programs that ETC supports are provided with Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP (Internet mail, Outlook Express, Windows Messaging) and Netscape Mail. The browser software usually has a mail program that comes with it. To send and receive mail, you may need to read the documentation that came with the program or try the online help menu.

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