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Comments about ETC Employees

Customer comment to Barbara
Marcy W wanted to thank employees Garrett Ralston in Tech Support & Chad Presley in installation for their wonderful help with her TV problems. She said they were great guys & wanted ETC to know.

Customer comment to Steve
John M called to let us know what a fine job Adam Prather done while he was at his house working on his cable. He said Adam was very professional and ETC was very quick at getting the problem resolved.

Customer comment to Bessie
Lisa J would like to send out a special thank you for the extra effort that Tony put forth yesterday afternoon getting their cable working. Mrs. Jacobi stated he went above and beyond and they wanted ETC to know how much the appreciate the service Tony provided.

Customer comment to Pam
Jimi K wanted everyone to know that George did an exemplary job in getting to the bottom of and fixing his internet problem. He said he is so pleased he feels like he should send him some flowers or buy him a car or something. Carolyn said since she is the one who did the trouble ticket she could get something out of the deal.

Customer comment to Sheryl
One of our new customers, Mr. Fannin, had cable and internet installed today. He called to compliment Daniel Reece and wanted to let us know what a good, thorough job Daniel did at his home.

Cable box repair for Customer
Over the holidays our cable box went out. Dale Corbin came out in just a little while and got everything working again in no time at all. When I called in to report it I talked with Candace she was very helpful in determining where or not a tech needed to come out.

Customer comment to Chris
Mrs. Crowe called in and wanted to give a big thank you out to Jon Gibson and Justin Strohl. She said “Nice as they could be, very friendly, wasn’t all business and she loved that about them.” She also wanted to give a big thank you to her sales reps Bill Mullis and Jason Burnette they were extremely nice and helpful in the process. She also… Wanted to thank everyone at ETC for being so friendly and likeable she has no complaints what so ever. Super Nice Guys and Super Nice Company.

She bragged so much and so fast she lost her breathe and I bet I missed half of what all she bragged about!

Customer comment to Chris
Scott A would like to send out a special thank you to Chad Reece for the extra effort that he put forth into reaching his cabin and fixing his issue. “Excellent Customer Service” is a phrase we always like to hear from our customers and pride ourselves in deeply.

Customer comment to Jessica
Jack T came into the Blue Ridge office and wanted to let ETC know what a fine job Bryan Sosensky did installing his internet service. He was very pleased and said he did an excellent job.

Customer comment to Lisa
Customer Norman V wanted us to know that his repeat internet issues have finally been fixed, by tech Dale Corbin who went to his home today.

Customer comment to Lisa
Mrs. McIntosh called in to say the nicest tech just repaired her internet, and that it was a new year, and she thinks someone doing a good job should be recognized.

Customer comment to Jessica
Jim with Galileo Search LLC came into the office to make a payment & wanted to let ETC know what a fine job Chad Reece & Justin Strohl did on installing a speaker system at his location. He said that he has nothing but good things to say about everyone that he has dealt with at ETC.

Customer comment to Jennifer
Customer – Mark E called in to say that he had his services ported from a competitor to ETC. He commended both Brandon Baker and Shannon Goble… Saying that all of the folks he has interacted with so far have been TOP NOTCH!

Customer comment to Donna
Customer William W wanted ETC to know what an excellent job that Stephen Horton did today installing Mr. Williams service.

Customer comment to Jessica
Louise H came thru the drive-thru today and said that Shannon had been out to her location today. She said he was very prompt and efficient.

Customer comment to Jessica
Peggy S called in & wanted to compliment Adam for assisting her earlier with programming her channels. She said he was very helpful & pleasant to talk to.

Customer comment to George
Mr. David O called to let George R know how pleased he was with the tech that came to his house to work on & resolve his Cable issues. Mr. O said that in a world where you hear so much negative he wanted Chads’ boss know that Chad was polite; courteous and resolved the problem quickly. Chad also listened patiently & answered all questions and was very helpful.

Customer comment to Brent
Mr. Russell L called in and wanted me to pass alone to the company what an outstanding job that Bo Qualls and Adam Chastain had did in helping him with his PC and Internet trouble. Mr. L said that they went way beyond what he had expected in resolving his issues and that he’d recommend our company to anyone.

Customer comment to Chris
Cathy called in said. "I am late in writing this but wanted to tell you about the installer that came to our home. I think his name was John. He was so polite, professional and he explained things so that we could understand. This was back in July. Just wanted to applaud him for a job well done. We are very happy with the installation and service. You go ETC."

Customer comment to Scott
Mr. Jonathan W called in to let ETC know that he was very impressed by the quality tech that installed his service yesterday. Tim Lents did the install.

Customer comment to Shelia
I called Ray T regarding Customer Care to follow up on how his services are working. He said all services are working fine. He was more interested in talking about the last Tech that was out there, when he added Choice Plus. He said he believes Stephen was his name, said that Stephen spent time going over instructions for the remote and cable equipment. He was knowledgeable and not only a great Technician but he is also a great Person! “A people person”. He really kept bragging on Stephen, said that he appreciates the Customer Care Call and wanted ETC to know what kind of employee they have.

Customer comment to Jessica
Tom with Kismet Rubber Products was in the office today & said that Tim had came out & installed some service at his apartment. He wanted ETC to know how polite & professional he was. He said that he was top notch.

Customer comment to Alan
Annette w/ 5 Star Quality Care wanted to let us know what a great job Robby had done and what a great person Robby Cantrell is.

Customer comment to Jessica
Mrs. Howard G called in and said that Dale was out at her location earlier working on her phone. She wanted ETC to know what an outstanding employee he is and that he was extremely friendly. She said he had a smile on his face the whole time.

Customer comment to Cora
I have just received a call from Ann R in Ellijay.

She wanted everyone to know how appreciative she was for the response from ETC after the recent storm on Friday night and for the response given to Mr. Avery regarding his security system issue as well as her personal experience of her security system outage.

She wanted everyone to know how appreciative they both were of “the young man” that answered the phone and Howard Strohl. She said he went above and beyond in getting everything back to working, even after “Avery tracked Howard down by calling his Mom”!

Ann wanted to make sure Howard got recognized for a job well done!

Customer comment to George

I just wanted to let you know about the outstanding work done by one of the ETC employees. Mr. Kevin Bramlett came out today to repair a down phone line from Friday nights storm. He went well above and beyond his normal expected duties to be sure we were back in operation and all phone systems were working properly. Thanks for having such great employees at ETC. Too many times people don't take the time to be sure that others are recognized for their outstanding work. So I didn't want to let this opportunity slip by without commenting on one of yours.

Greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Ed

Customer comment to Missy
Rick G called and wanted to let ETC know what a phenomenal job Bryan Sosensky did installing his service today.

Customer comment to Brent
I want to write to you to let you know of some great service offered to us. Our sometimes it was working and sometimes not.

I called and talked to Matthew on October 15. He solved our problems in a very short time and as he was going through the process explained in layman's terms so I understood what the problem was. Very polite and mannerly were the way I would describe him.

I thought you would be interested in hearing about one of your employees that did an excellent job.

Thanks, Judy H

Customer comment to Glenda
Wanda H said she was on the phone for over 2 hours last night with Trevor & Mike. She wanted to say how wonderful & patient they were. They are just great and we are very lucky to have them.

Customer comment to Shelia
Lori with Douglas Inn + Suites in Blue Ridge called and wanted to personally Thank “Donna White” for delivering a HDMI Cord to their Office today. They needed it very badly. Due to the storm, Techs were covered up with trouble tickets and couldn’t make it out. Lori was very appreciative.

Customer comment to Brent
Mrs. Kline just gave me a call and wanted to pass alone what an outstanding job Brandon West had did helping her to resolve her problem. She said he was a very polite and knowledgeable young man and he had been a great help to her and she wanted me to let everyone here at ETC know how pleased she was with her service and our technical support.

Customer comment to Glenda
Michael Whitemore went out on a service order and the customer called to say he was the nicest, excellent, most professional tech. He took the time to answer all the questions and checked everything to make sure all was working before he left.

Customer comment to Sheryl
One of our new cable, Internet and phone customers, Michele F, said Michael did an excellent job with their install and couldn’t say enough good things about him. She and her husband agreed that he was professional and spent time to make sure everything was installed the way they wanted it.

Customer comment to Joy
George Winn called In to let ETC know that Tim Lents came out to their house to do some work and was very “ professional” and “courteous”. He wanted us to know what a valuable asset he is to ETC.

Customer comment to Shelia
Judy S from Ellijay, called specifically to let ETC know that Michael Reed came out to their home Saturday 9/6/2014 and he was just “Wonderful”.

Customer comment to Donna
Stephen Horton was at Mill's house this morning for an install. She wanted everyone to know what a “fine young man” Stephen Horton is. She said that he has been very helpful and thorough!

Customer comment to Jessica
Jerry W just called in & wanted to commend Dale Corbin for a job well done on fixing the problem at his location. Dale was out at his location this morning on a trouble ticket & he said he was very courteous & knowledgeable. He wanted ETC to know what a fine employee he is!

Customer comment to Missy
Susan H came in and said Shannon Goble had been out on a trouble call. She wanted to let ETC know what a fine young man he is. He was very courteous and helpful. She said she had lunch with two of her friends and they also spoke highly of Shannon.

Comment to Russell
As you all know, the ETC telephone directory reps have been here this week and as I stated in my email last week on how professional and caring they are in what they do. A situation happened today in Lanett that proved me right and I wanted you all to know about it.
Kenny Fendley is the head of the guys here and he had an appointment with two Business Customers in Lanett this morning around 10:00 AM. When he left the Huguley Work center, he said that he was undecided about which direction he wanted to travel. He started to go up to the traffic light and then down Veterans Memorial Parkway but decided to travel down Phillips Rd and then onto to Cherry Drive. He had gotten past Springwood School and upon the brick homes to the left. He happened to look over to one of the houses and noticed smoke coming from the back of one of the houses. He traveled a little past the house and decided he needed to go back. He got back to the house and knocked on the front door but could not get anyone to the door. He then went next door to the neighbor’s home and banged very loud to try to let them know that the house was probably on fire.
He found out that the neighbor’s 93 year old mother was the person that lived in the house and they new she was at home. He then told the neighbors to call 911 because his cell phone was listed in Ellijay, GA where he resides.
He then went back to the burning house and proceeded to knock very loud again and an elderly woman finally came to the door. She had been on the phone talking to another son and did not hear anyone knocking. She told Kenny that she thought she smelled smoke but wasn’t sure. Kenny was able to get the woman out of the house but by then the fire had spread to the attic and it was all around them.
The Fire Department had already arrived and was trying to put the fire out. Kenny stayed around for about 2 hours to make sure she was going to be alright. She was fine but somewhat shook up, but I truly believe Kenny saved this woman’s life.
Now after all this happened, he came into my office and sat down and started telling me what had happened. He came in because he assured the woman and her sons that he would take care of seeing that her telephone line was disconnected. She did not have any other services with us. Kenny is the kind of person that does not want any praises for anything that he does, but I was amazed at what he accomplished. He was at the right place at the right time.
I know that he is not an employee of WOW but he and his group represent WOW when they are here working the telephone directory. What he did today shows what a WOW moment is all about because he went above and beyond and he truly cares about people. Only a few people know about this but I would like to share this story in the next tailgate meeting that we have if you will allow me the time.
I also know that our technicians would have done the same thing had they came across something like this today.

Julia Gauntt
Business Support WOW(formerly Knology)

Customer comment to Jason
We own Lake Blue Ridge Marina in Blue Ridge, Ga.. We just had ETC install our new phone system which we love, its wonderful. Wanted to comment on your employee Matt Kimsey, he is so professional, courterous and so knowledgeable. Never have we had anyone do work at our marina that could match up to his standards. Love our system and thanks for having such professional employees that want your customers happy.

Sincerely, Eve Windham, Lake Blue Ridge Marina, Blue Ridge, Ga.

Customer comment to Lisa
Customer Eric K’s wife called in for repair ticket and said she would like the same tech that did the recent install about a year ago. They were very impressed with him, said ETC did a good job hiring him. It was Michael Reed.

Customer comment to Chris
From customer James R.
“One "attaboy" to Nathan Holloway, please, for helping me get my new router up and operating.”

Customer comment from Russell
ETC Family,
Big thanks to Dale Corbin for helping my Momma out….twice in the past few weeks, with either installations or repairs. He has made a friend for life out of her as she won’t stop bragging about him. She likes him so good that I’m afraid she’ll hit the wrong buttons on her TV again just to get him back up there. Before it was Dale it was Steven Horton and before him it was Jimmy Smith and oh all those ladies she talks with here at ETC are just so sweet. Everyone here is a hero to her and that helps me stay the favorite son, that is until she hits the next wrong button.
I appreciate everyone here for helping me look out after Momma.

Have a great weekend.

Customer comment to Brent
Thank you for the twenty three (23) minutes you spent PATIENTLY listening to me during our recent phone conversation.
I cannot say enough good about my experience with Beau Qualls on Sunday July 13, 2014. He is an amazing young man. Beau patiently walked me through resetting or reconfiguring my modem. Beau was polite, professional and calm; all the qualities needed to be an EXCELLENT Internet support individual. Beau was able to solve my problem quickly and we were both able to go on with our work day. .
Thank you for your listening ear, your kind words and assurance that my other concerns would be swiftly addressed. .
It is my very strong opinion that ETC Management needs to recognize and reward quality employees such a yourself and Beau Qualls. (A side note, Scott Kiser is another superior employee that deserves recognition. Both times he has had to visit my house for repair issues he was polite and professional.)

Thank you, again, and I wish you all the best.

Christine Rohm

Customer comment to Gwen
M Weeks called to say that Scott Kiser fixed her trouble ticket & was very nice and polite. She always has great service from ETC and that’s why she stays with ETC.

Customer comment to Cindie
Pat H called to say that Michael Reed was exceptional in his repair; service evaluation; attitude and professional performance in resolving her cable problem when he came to her house today on the trouble report. She wanted to make sure he was recognized for a job well done!

Customer comment to Jennifer
A customer Kay W came into the Ellijay office today. She said that Dale Corbin had been at her house working on something and he had to go up in her “fireball” of an attic, down into the basement and back into the attic… She says, he was so nice and helpful and answered all her questions!

Customer comment to Diane
Ron W from Bent Tree called to let us know what a good job Phillip Underwood did yesterday while installing his service. He said he had dealt with a lot of technicians over the years and thought Phillip was the best he had seen. He was very courteous, knowledgeable, helpful and wanted to let management know what a good job he did.

Customer comment to Stacy
Dear Stacy,
I work for one of your customers, Orlaco Inc, as network administrator. We had some issues regarding packet loss from the customers CPE in Jasper and their CPE in Europe, The Netherlands.Matt Penland helped us to resolve the issue. I’m very impressed by the knowledge and skill level of Matt during the troubleshooting phase. When I carried some idea’s to reroute the traffic he was more than willing to try and was very fast with reconfiguring the Arris gateway at location. Apart from his technical skills he was very kind and polite. Overall I am very happy with ETC and the service provided by ETC. With people like Matt I assume that you have a lot of happy customers.
Thanks for the great service.

Kind regards,
Henk van Achterberg

Customer comment to Brent
Over the past 2-3 weeks I have had some issues with my e-mail. I have received support from 3 technicians, Matt Sales, Justin Dover, & Justin Griffith. I am very pleased with the response from all three. They showed a sincerity in helping me to correct my issues. All were very polite and patient with my hearing problem.
Thank you for a job well done.
G A McLain

Customer comment to Russ
Customer Cal C called in this morning and a ticket was created at 11:51. He had a limb causing some trouble with his drop and requested a service tech come out and lift the line up so the issue with the limb could be taken care of. He called back at 2:48 to compliment ETC on the speed and well done job that was completed for him. He said he has been a customer for 7 years and won’t go to anyone else. He said he gives us 100% approval on the service he receives from ETC. Adam Chastain created the ticket,Steve Tipton dispatched the ticket and David Totherow took care of the drop issue.

Customer comment to Donna
Lamar M called to compliment Jimmy Holloway.
Lamar said that Jimmy was very kind and efficient. He also stated that Jimmy was a great asset to ETC and wanted everyone at ETC to know.

Customer comment to Shelia
Randall C called in from McCaysville. He was inquiring on upgrading his Cable and was wanting a quote on Choice Plus Cable for a friend.Randall said he has a small Trucking Company and has eleven employees and would be tickled to death to have employees like Tim Lents.He said that Tim was a “Fabulous Kid”, showed “professionalism in action”! He said he doesn’t know Tim, but he is sure, “Family Friendly”.

Customer comment to Jenny
Customer John G called in to say a “Big Thank You” to everyone at ETC that helped out with getting his TIVO system to work! Everyone from Brandon to Bill in Tech Support to Matt Penland and Jamie Cantrell in IT to the Ladies on the Front Counter, as well as the guy that brought the cable card over from the warehouse (thanks Bill)! Four trips and three cable cards later, we got it all working… Whew!

Customer comment to Kim
John G had internet and cable service installed this morning and called to let us know what an amazing job Brandon Baker did. He said he was very professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. He said every contact he has had with ETC has been positive and we know the true meaning of customer service.

Customer comment to Susan
Van W called to say what a great job Shannon did when he came out on his phone outage. He said he was very pleasant and professional and had his service restored in no time.

Customer comment to Lisa
Customer Carmellia B's son Roger just called in to say that John was the most helpful, polite, nice and informative technician when he installed his mother’s services.

Customer comment to Donna
Pearl E called in to discuss her account and spoke with Jenny. She stated that Jenny explained her statement and provided excellent customer service.

Customer comment to Cindie
John H in CopperHill called to say Thank You for the great customer service, quick response, as well as the professional & knowledgeable way Tony evaluated & solved the service problems he was having. John also stated that all experience with ETC employees have been positive and he wanted us to know.

Customer comment to Candace
Great job to Jimmy Reece for bringing a customer back. Michael B is reconnecting ETC service’s after a hunting trip with Jimmy Reece. He said Jimmy was a good man, hard worker and great example of ETC and that is where he wants to do business.

Customer comment to Lisa
Mrs. Weaver called in to let us know that Phillip installed internet yesterday, and that he was the most polite and knowledgeable person she has ever met.

Customer comment to Donna
Pearl E called in to discuss her account and spoke with Glenda. She wanted to let everyone know how wonderful Glenda was and appreciated her taking time to explain her services.

Customer comment to Susan
Mary Jane called in to say how polite and efficient Kevin was when he came out to repair her service. She says the reason she stays with ETC is because everyone is always so helpful and friendly and gets any issues resolved quickly.

Customer comment to Scott
Mrs Pat H wanted ETC to know what a good job Tony Ledford did repairing her Cable TV.

Customer comment to Bessie
Roger H left a message about Tony Ledford. Tony went to his home on a trouble ticket and Roger stated Tony did a great job, wanted to compliment him on the extra effort and he really appreciated his customer service in the field.

Customer comment to Chris
Gregory B called in to say what a wonderful job Josh Howard and Jonathan Gibson done on upgrading his security system and training him on how Total Connect works.

Customer comment to Missy
Jack W called in and wanted to give the highest of compliments to Dale Corbin who came out and worked on his services. He said he got there early and explained everything so well.

Customer comment to Donna
Susan W called to give a compliment to Matthew Sales. She states that she had trouble trying to access her voice mail and he was very patient and helpful.

Customer comment to Stacy
Since November 2012 Matt Penland has assisted me in solving a major email problem. Since this November 2012 date Matt has on three different occasions assisted me with his professional and technical skills. The last instance was January/February 2014. Matt worked diligently to investigate, diagnose and come to a solution of the problem. Matt exhibited professionalism, technical knowledge, customer service skills and persistence in problem solving.

Many of us who are customers of ETC are what I call “Technology challenged. I am one of these customers. My experiences with Matt was one of knowledge along with patience.

I believe outstanding work and performance should be acknowledged and rewarded. For this reason, I am sending you this email for Matt. I have personally thanked Matt for his outstanding service but wanted to go one step further in alerting you as his manager.
If you would like additional information, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards, Susan

Customer comment to Brent
Dear Brent:

I have been an ETC customer for the last 10 years. Recently I had to call the ETC help desk for two problems with my internet or email service. The 2nd time was just a few minutes ago. Matthew Sales assisted me for solution to both problems.
Matthew did an outstanding job and should be commended for his professionalism, top-notch customer service, knowledge and technical skills. In both instances he patiently worked with me and solved my problems.
Some of us are what we called “Technology challenged”. I am one of these. I greatly appreciated the service Matthew so willingly performed in the solution to my problem.
As his supervisor I wanted you to be aware of this outstanding performance of Matthew and my gratitude and thanks.

Sincerely, Susan

Customer comment to Gwen
Sharon L came to the office today and brought us some sweet treats for being so sweet. She really wanted to watch the Olympics on Friday. After much work….her problem was fixed. Sharon says “ETC rocks”

Customer comment to Brent

Mrs. Denise T just gave me a call and wanted everyone at ETC to know what a great job Justin Griffith, had done last night helping her w/a PC issue she was having. Mrs. T said Justin went well beyond what she expected and she was so grateful that we had an employee’s that cared so much about helping her with her problem.

Customer Letter
Dear Sir,

I have had on several occasions the opportunity to deal with your Live Chat staff.  ALWAYS professional, and certainly well versed in their care of customers.  I extoll the fact that they are knowledgeable and honest!  If they don't know they tell you up front and you can tell they are attempting to resolve whatever the situation is.  Matthew Sales was on top of the game and I am not sure if he was responsible or not for getting that "maintenance" page up but kudo's to whomever!

I had a friend over, and their kids, I call them my nieces and nephews because we are that close.  I told them to look up some shows they might like to watch and to use my bookmarks to find ETC channel listings.  We were having coffee at a table and told them to read the shows out because their ages dictate screening what they can see.  Now granted 8 years old is not an infant but they usually aren't "worldly" either.  I didn't realize that the tv listings was broken and the kids usually don't go past the Disney and kids channels so we thought nothing of it.  We have the basic so they know to stop at the 40's as far as what they would normally watch.

This time when the tv listings went down all the channels below 100 were missing and it started with the adult channels.  When they started reading them out loud they were having difficulties because let's face it those were words they didn't know, or would have heard.  EEEEEKKKK!!!!  I got on and explained to your representative what happened and asked if they were aware it was down.  It has been down a lot with the new formatting.  They said yes there was a trouble ticket in and I sorta of explained what had happened.

The next day, unlike in the past, when I checked to see if it was fixed I saw that the grid has been taken down and that a maintenance notice was listed.  First, I thank you for the professionalism that Matthew presented, I am sure I was frazzled and he put up with my chat as I explained what happened.  What is impressive is that putting up that page was so much better than leaving the broken listing sitting there.  IF he did suggest it, or if any of the team did, I want to thank all of ETC because it would have been a team effort regardless.  It was a great decision, it shows that the issue is being dealt with and probably avoids your CS department being overloaded with everyone contacting you saying the same thing and taking away from other customers getting through.

I appreciate the many ways that ETC is there for it's customers.  While I have struggled after having a stroke you have worked with us in billing, you always have a dog treat for our pup at the window, and your staff regardless of the department here in Blue Ridge has been amazing from the day I went in and signed the contract through this latest event.  Sorry this was so long, but I wanted you to know the scope which your staff goes to in order to bring a quality that just blows the competition out of the water!

Thank you again for being a great representative of the business community!


Letter to ETC
Last Saturday 1-11 while I was watching the NFL playoff my TV went off. Later I found out it was due to a major fire at a church.
I was resigned to listen to Sunday’s games on the radio. Much to my surprise, I found I had TV Sunday morning and by Sunday evening perfect reception in time to watch the NFL payoff games.

I went by the fire scene and saw several ETC employees and trucks working hard on a Sunday.

I want to thank all of the hard-working people that make ETC a great company. I’ve had cable since 2008. Lots of other companies would have taken several days to restore service.

Please share my letter with all in your company!

Customer comment to Russ
The new business customer Scissor Chix called and said that the installer did a real excellent job. Patricia with Scissor Chix was impressed with the job the installer performed. She also said that the installer cleaned everything up and she was real happy with that.

Customer comment to Susan
Mr Brigati called in to say what a great job Brandon Baker did on his install.He said Brandon was very knowledgeable and was a great assett to ETC.

Customer comment to Scott
Mrs Linda W called in to let ETC know what a fine job Brandon Baker did installing her service. In her own words he was polite, knowledgeable, on time and last but not least “the best thing since sliced bread”. She said she will request Brandon in the future.

Customer comment to Brent
Good Morning Mr. Dotson,
Over the last several days, I've had the pleasure of dealing with two of your service techs (Bill & Matthew), concerning an issue I had with my Outlook e-mail. Although I do understand a problem with a program is not directly a problem for ETC, they both went out of their way to help me resolve the issue(s).
I am spending a month in Florida and, for some reason, the Wi-Fi in the house I'm renting would not allow me to send outgoing mail although I could receive mail without a problem. Bill was very understanding and asked if he could access my computer. Once in, he changed the outgoing port and the problem was resolved. A couple of days later, my wife told me she was having the same problem with HER computer, so I simply made the same changes on her system that Bill had made on mine. Unfortunately, it did not seem to work, so I spoke with Matthew who discovered that the reason it didn't seem to work was that I was trying to send an email that was in "draft" and was there before I had actually made the port change to her system. After Matt discovered this, all subsequent e-mails worked perfectly.
I guess the main purpose of this note is to congratulate you and ETC for understanding the importance of customer service in this day and age. I have my security monitoring, DSL and land line with ETC, and there are other companies offering lower prices; however, none of them can compare with the service and personal touch I receive from ETC---as the commercial says "PRICELESS"!
Thanks for your time!!

John N

Customer comment to Lisa
William W was in Jasper office wanted to let us know how nice, calm and helpful Brett Brooks was in helping him last December. William also said Brett was patient and he appreciated that.

Customer comment to Donna
Customer Linda G wanted ETC to know that Michael Reed went beyond the call of duty to keep her informed during her outage. She appreciated his kindness and felt she should call to let us know.

Customer comment to Barbara
Paul W wanted to say how professional & friendly Stephen Horton, Jimmy Smith & Brandon Baker were when they came to house. He said he couldn’t say enough about them & wanted ETC to know.

Customer comment to Carolyn
Jamison W said that Brandon Baker did a wonderful job installing his Internet. He said Brandon was very nice and professional.

Customer comment to Donna
Mr. Charles R called in to say that Daniel Reece did an excellent job today. He stated that Daniel was very professional, knowledgeable and a great asset for ETC.

Customer comment to Lisa
Customer Michael W wanted ETC to know what a great job Phillip Underwood did when installing their services. They said he was respectful, and they wanted to adopt him.

Customer comment to Jennifer
Mrs. M was in the Ellijay Office picking up her computer today. She said that ETC was such an easy company to deal with. In addition, she said that any time she has dealt with our technicians or anytime someone has been at her house they have always been very polite and helpful. She has been a customer for 14 years. Just wanted to share with the company as a whole…

Customer comment to Steve
Phillip H called and said David Totherow worked on his internet and cable and done an excellent job. He said his internet and cable has never been this good and he just wanted everyone to know what a good job David done.

Customer comment to Kim
John W wanted everyone at ETC to know what a great job John Moreland and Bryan Sosensky did installing his service. They were very professional, knowledgeable, and courteous.

Customer comment to Karen
Mr. James L came into the Blue Ridge Office today and wanted ETC to know what a good job John Moreland did this morning on his install. John was knowledgeable and very helpful.

Customer comment to Barbara
Customer Donnie Bramlett wanted ETC to know that Stephen Horton was very respectful & friendly. He appreciated his kindness & felt he should call to let us know.

Customer comment to Justin
James B called in and wanted us to know that Trevor Allen was very patient and knowledgeable and resolved all issues he was having.

Customer comments from Survey
About Pam “She was wonderful, friendly and informative. She took a special interest in both of us.”
About Kevin “Kevin was so considerate and qualified. He quickly and skillfully installed our system. When my wife asked for help with the DVR, he came out & helped us. A special person is Kevin!”

Customer comment to Donna
Mr. David Brinkley came in the office last week and wanted us to know what a good Technician that Bryan Sosensky is. He said that because of Bryan, he chooses to do business with ETC.

Customer comment to Candace
Yvonne W came in the Ellijay office and said that Tim Lents did an amazing job every time he came to her house. She said he was so polite and tried every way in the world to get her VCR to work with the “new cable” we have.

Customer comment to Chris
Carolyn B called in thanking ETC for having such a good tech support help line. She said if she could pay us a million dollars she would, The problem was with her new computer and no one could help her. She tried the store (Best Buy), the manufacture, and another company and no one could help. She then called ETC and in one simple click Matthew Sales had her problem fixed. She wanted to thank ETC so much for having great customer/tech support service reps.

Customer comment to George
Mr Glenn S from the Coosawattee River Resort Subdivision called in let everybody know that David Totherow and Nathan McFarland did a good job and were very professional when they worked on his service. He said they were an asset to this company.

Customer comment to Sheryl
Phillip S called to tell everyone how cordial and knowledgeable Adam Prather was at a recent visit for a trouble ticket. Phillip wanted to let everyone know how happy he was with Adam.

Customer comment to Kim
Lea M wanted ETC to know what a great job their tech support does. They are always very knowledgeable, patient, & helpful.

Customer comment to Kim
HI: Quick and on the money...Adam did a superb job of finding and fixing my problem....keep up the good work. Fastest fix on record.
Roger B

Customer comment to Justin
Mr. Mashburn wanted everyone to know how great of an employee ETC has in Shannon Goble. Mr. Mashburn said he appreciated Shannon’s integrity and that he is a fine young man. He also appreciates ETC and our prompt response time.

Customer comment to Glenda
Melanie R left a message on the night call 9-11-13 complimenting the tech (Mike) that came on a trouble ticket how awesome, polite, patient and professional he was. A very good guy.

Customer comment to Brent
Customer Nathan H called in and wanted to commend the job Bryan Sosensky had done working on his service call. He wanted me to make sure that ETC knew what a great employee we had in Bryan.

Customer comment to Chris
Jackie V called in and I was helping him trouble shoot a problem. He was really bragging about John Lowman. He said John went out of his way big time to help him since he has had knee surgery and even offered him a glass of water!

Customer comment to Kim
Having recently been dealing with customer support for my home account in Florida, I am reminded how much I appreciate the support I've received from ETC. I'm a computer test Engineer, and my son, now a Linux SW engineer, previously IT support for several years, and we were both impressed with the knowledge and support we received from Chris Bradley. I'm sure you already know it but you have a one of the best.
Thanks - Rich

Customer comment to Shelia
Mr. Lindner called and said that ETC Tech just completed his Internet and Cable Install (in Blue Ridge). He said that he has had Direct TV and Dish Network at six different locations and he just wanted ETC to know that the Tech that came out and installed his services today, sure knew what he was doing and was very courteous!

Customer comment to Jessica
Beulah D called in & wanted to say thank you to Shannon for fixing her cable service. She said that he came out and worked on it and everything was working perfect now.

Customer comment to Brent
I just wanted to thank you again. I was going to write a nice letter to the business office, but I can't find a single contact e-mail address except support. I noticed a major difference in your knowledge and skill level since I just got off the phone with AT&T expert technicians for my home account. I could never convince them that a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) has nothing to do with e-mail. Anyway all that frustration made me appreciate ETC service more. Thanks again.


Customer comment to George
What an asset you have in Scott Kiser. He got my phone back up and solved my internet issue in a pleasant professional manner. After what we have endured after the August 1st flooding, this was a very positive experience.

Gratefully, Howard E

Customer comment to Adam
Rulon J would like to thank John Moreland for a job well done. He said that John was the most courteous tech he had ever come into contact with. He was very happy that John was able to take care of all of the issues that he was having with his internet.

Chat with Barbara
I had a Live Chat customer this morning that wanted ETC to know what a great employee we have. This is what he said on Live Chat this morning. I found the ticket & it had Dale’s name on it.

Hello Barbara,
I was just going to send you guys an e-mail saying that your repair guy needs a bonus.
Don't know his name, but whoever came out to Camp Highland on Ridgeway Circle yesterday, solved a tech problem we've been having for weeks and nobody had been able to figure out yet.

Customer comment to Donna
Tanya wanted to say thank you for being so prompt with getting their service installed so quickly! Tim was on time and did an awesome job! They are very pleased with ETC’s service!

Customer comment to Missy
Betty C wanted us to know how helpful and courteous Chad Presley was that worked on her service today.

Letter to Company President

Ellijay Telephone Company
224 Dalton Street
Ellijay, Ga 30540

Dear Mr. President

This just a short note to compliment your Ellijay repair services for a splended performance this past Saturday on my service in Cherry Log.

Special commendation must to to Mr. Michael Reed, the technician who responded to my request for help. He was prompt, courteous, very professional, thoroughly schooled in what needed to be done, which he proceeded to do in exemplary fashion. He is a genuine credite to your organizaton, and I hope you will recognize this by including this letter in his personnel file.

Also, the lady who responed to my call on Friday, and the scheduler who actually scheduled Mr. Reed's repair call, should be recognized for the courtesies and for their prompt handling of my request-- which was complicated by my need to return to Atlanta on Saturday afternoon.
You, too, should be congratulated for providing such a responive organization.

RADM US Navy(Ret,)

Customer comment to Charolette
I ask that you take a moment out of your day to shake the hand of an ETC employee Scott Kiser. Scott is dedicated and strives to please the customers of ETC. On Monday June 3rd long after he should have been home. Scott was at our house making sure we had internet service before morning. Knowing I work out of my home monitoring security cameras Scott persevered until the problem was solved. This employee could have very easily not answered his cell or could have put me off until the following day. If only we had more people as Scott, Wow! What a difference it would make.
Thank You, Susan

Customer comment to Lisa
Customer Mr. Duncan came into the Jasper office just now, telling us he had problems with his cable that was recently installed. Adam Prather came out on a repair ticket and Mr Duncan said, "Adam really impressed him, and was able to get the problem solved." He wanted Adam to get an atta boy for his good service.

Customer comment to Missy
I just spoke with Gail H. She said they just had service installed and wanted us to know what an outstanding employee that Tim Lents is. She said he was very professional and courteous.

Customer comment to Shelia
Mrs. Ruth F called in from Jasper to make a payment. She wanted to let Adam Chastain’s Supervisor know that Adam was able to resolve her internet problems over the phone with politeness and professionalism. She thought that Adam should be commended.

Customer comment to Jessica
Denise W called in & said that John Lowman was at her location yesterday on a trouble ticket. She said he very courteous and did an excellent job fixing her cable. She wanted to compliment him on a job well done!

Customer comment to Shelia
Mr. Holloway, out of the South Market, called to compliment Bowen Qualls and Daniel Reece.
He said, "He called in a trouble ticket on his internet on Sunday and spoke with Bowen who was very professional and informative."
He said, "Daniel came out this morning and took care of the problem in no time and was very nice and professional also."
He said, "ETC has always had the reputation of great Customer Service and that is why he is still with ETC."
He said, "TDS tries to get him to change his service all the time and said he is not about to."
Mr. and Mrs. Holloway ended up going from an old ETC Package, to a new ETC Bundle, because they are not going anywhere.

Customer comment to Brent
All the employees of ETC are professional and pleasant. I am taking time to commend one of your technical support employees, Bo Qualls, who was a Subject Matter Expert to resolve a fairly recent email request.
Mr. Qualls provided world class service while displaying at all times a professional and "can do" attitude which was most appreciated.
Respectfully, Margo T

Customer comment to Pam
James P called to let ETC know that Chad Presley did a great job installing his internet and cable. In his words, “Kudos to Chad!”

Customer comment to Candace
Lea M wanted to compliment Nathan Holloway in tech support for being so kind and patient and helpful. She also wanted to brag on Michael Whitmore for the same qualities he showed on a trouble ticket over a year ago.
One of her 2013 resolutions was to compliment and not complain. She wanted to compliment ETC and the over the top customer service.

Customer comment to Jessica
Metta S came into the office & said that Tony Ledford had been out to her location on a trouble ticket this morning. She said that he did a terrific job fixing the problem. She said he was very courteous and polite and he was one of a kind and wanted ETC to know what a fine employee they have.

Customer comment to Amanda
Brian T wants us to know how nice & efficient Jonathan Gibson is. ETC should be proud to have employees like Jonathan.

Customer comment to Jessica
Jimmy N came into the office and said that Tony Ledford had been out to his location on a trouble ticket. He said that Tony did an excellent job fixing his problem and that all of his services were working better than they ever have before. He said Tony was very professional and courteous. He wanted ETC to know what an outstanding employee that we have.

Customer comment to Brent
A little over five years ago I moved from KY to Ellijay. At that time, my Son, suggested ETC as my landline telephone service, my computer server and cable server. In fact, before I got here, he contacted ETC and set everything up for me, and it was all in service when I moved in December 2007.

As a result of not being too computer smart, I have had several problems with my computer that I was unable to solve which ultimately led to my calling your Internet Support 800 number.

During these instances, I have talked with several of your technical support reps, especially Bo and Adam. I cannot begin to tell you the satisfaction I have gotten from everyone I called. I can seriously say that without your technical support, I probably would not be able to operate my computer.

I know you probably get a lot of complaints, but I just felt it necessary to let you know how pleased I am with your service. I try not to call anymore than necessary, but am completely overwhelmed when my problems are solved and my computer is running like a new one.

Thanks to all of you again!

Johanna S

Customer comment to Scott
Greg Griggs wanted ETC to know what a great job Scott Kiser done Saturday repairing his CATV. His picture has never been clearer!

Customer comment to Barbara
James K just wanted everyone to know what a great job Tim Lents did today. He said Tim was a hard worker.

Customer comment to Joy
A customer by the name of Hamlin came into the office today and wanted us to know what a great job Dale Corbin did on his installation. He was very professional and friendly, plus a great asset to ETC.

Customer comment to Debbie
Ms Blanchard wanted ETC to thank Stephen Horton, the nice gentleman who installed her internet. He very polite and got the job done quickly.

Customer comment to Linda
Corrine M would like to thank Stephen Horton for doing a fine job yesterday installing her cable, internet and wireless. He was very polite and professional.

Customer comment on Chat
Please extend my thanks to Tommy and Chris for the exchange of my cable box today.That indeed solved the problem, and due to the fact I don't get home before 5 PM thru the week, allowed us to again have HD service, without having to wait until a Saturday service call.
Thanks again,
Mike B

Customer comment to Glenda
Mr. Farist left message on the night call on 12-22-23 complimenting Daniel Reece on the excellent service on a trouble ticket. How lucky ETC is to have such professional employees.

Customer comment to Kim
Just a note of thanks for the wonderful Christmas music played on channel 9 here in Ball Ground. You know it is getting harder to find Christmas music anywhere on the radio/tv. I fear we are losing our Christmas spirit. But not you guys. Thank God for that. Keep up the good work.
Ball Ground, GA

Customer comment to Brent
As a long time ETC customer I just want to commend one of your employees for a great job helping me with an issue I had using an I-pad II for sending e-mails. His name is Bo and he was extremely courteous and was able to resolve my issue very quickly. He is a credit to your company and deserves a raise and an extra day off during the holidays. I have always received great service from ETC and am thankful to have a provider where everyone speaks good, clear, Southern English.....Thanks ETC.
Jim L

Customer comment to Glenda
We ported Mr. Rhodes phone service yesterday and he wanted ETC to know the tech, Tim Lents, was the most professional, nicest Christian and that ETC was VERY fortunate to have a such an employee.

Customer comment to Diane
Mr Baudet called and said he wanted to let us know what a great job Tim Lents did on his install and how courteous and neat he was. He said, "these days that was rare."

Customer comment to Karen
Mr. Miller, from Blue Ridge, was in the office today wanted ETC to know what a great job Shannon Goble did yesterday at his home. Mr. Miller stated Shannon was knowledgeable and very nice you man.

Customer comment to Shelia
Sarah and Charles D. in Ellijay wanted to make sure that John Lowman and Dianne Holt were recognized for their hard work. Mrs. D. said that they have had so much trouble with their service that Mr. D. was actually looking at a Direct TV flyer when John knocked on the door this morning. They are now very happy with their service and compliments Dianne and John for making this happen.

Customer comment to Pam
Gail C wanted to let everyone know that she appreciates the service she received from Bo Qualls in Tech Support. She said he is really nice and very patient.

Customer comment from Gwen
On Facebook last night Meg W. was telling about her business getting broken into. Then she talked about the great job that ETC Security had done installing her security system on short notice and making her feel safe. She is hoping the security system will help catch the bad guys.

Customer comment to Cindie
Approximately two weeks ago John Lowman went on a trouble report to Mr. Nalley's residence in Ellijay. Mr Nalley called in & wanted to say Thank You for such a job well done. John was curteous,resolved the problem quickly and answered all their questions.

Customer comment to Missy
Just wanted to say how happy I am with ETC Cable. I just spent about 27 hours at Embracing Hospice in Cummings,Ga with my sister.They had Direct TV. Oh ,they had a zillion channels but actually maybe 20 different programs.Also getting around to find normal channels was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. To beat it all they didn't even have a weather channel.I sure missed ETC Cable while I was sitting with my sister. Anyways, Thanks ETC

Customer comment to Donna
Tim Lents installed service for Linda B today. Linda came into the office and wanted everyone at ETC to know that he is an "Awesome" individual, he was a pleasure to be around and that Tim did a fine job!

Customer comment to Chris
I want to thank Lawrence Lannie and Scott Kiser for their recent support. I now have 3 up dated remotes on 3 different TV's that all operate the same. All this in time for the Georgia game.I wish Georgia had performed as well as Lawrence and Scott. Thank you. Howard E

Customer comment to Sheila
Tim Lents just installed new service for Johanna F (Phone, Internet, and Cable) and she wanted to pay Tim a compliment. She said, "Tim did a “wonderful” job and that he was just as nice….as he could be." She said even if she asked him the same question over and over he would tell her again and was just soooo….polite and professional. She said the install was not an easy install and problems came up but Tim was able to get her services up and running in no time.

Customer comment to Missy from RPM Marketing
Please pass this on to whomever is over the business division for the field technicians and also whomever is over the customer service agents at the Jasper office. We've had the pleasure of having Jimmy Reece work with our business for the past few years and I have to say he is ahuge asset to your company. He's been out to install, move our business as we've grown, and do repairs and every time without fail he has been top-notch. He is good at what he does and never fails to make us laugh. If I could clone employees with his attitude and personality my job would be a breeze. I also wanted to pass some thanks and appreciation to Pam Reece in the Jasper office, I was in a couple weeks ago and she was the bright spot in my day. She was helpful, professional, knowledgable, and I really appreciated it. Just in case you are wondering I'm not a Reece or related, I'm not even from around here, that they have the same last name is just a coincidence. So thanks to both, I hope they get the kudos they deserve.

Customer comment to Sheryl
Mrs. Darwin came into the Jasper office, paid her bill, then complimented Daniel on how fast and nice he was repairing her services after lightning damaged their phone and internet.

Customer comment to Missy
Mrs. Howard called in to say what a great job Shannon Goble did fixing her service. She said "he was very professional, nice, went above and beyond and that he should be commended."

Customer comment to Jessica
Deborah Walker wanted to let ETC know that Tim went above and beyond when he installed her service. She said he was very polite, courteous, and knowledgeable.

Customer comment to Sheryl
I had a call from a business customer who had Josh Howard come out on a repair ticket that wanted to let us know that Josh is very efficient and is really good at his job.

Customer comment to Sheryl
One of our Ball Ground customers, Walter N. came into the office this afternoon and told us what a great guy Michael Whitmore is. He was courteous and careful at his home last week while installing a receiver. Walter wanted to make sure we let everyone here know that he was really happy with Michael.

Customer comment to Missy
Earl B came by to make his payment and wanted to thank ETC for always providing quick service when he has a problem.

Customer comment to Debbie
Angela N. wants ETC to know what a kind, wonderful and very knowledgeable tech Mr Kiser is.

Customer comment to Sheryl
Mrs. Massey had a trouble ticket in for her cable. She called after Chad left to say thank you and he was so nice.

Customer comment to Kim
Customer quote from Karen. "I had to take a moment and tell you about my experience with ETC. I reported an outage at my home phone this morning and it was taken care of this evening by David. (the lack of last name is due to my senior moment, not because he didn't provide it.) While I was able to continue to work from home since I have a second line for the office, I was still concerned about how long it would take for the home line to be up. Steven called and trouble-shot everything this morning and was very easy to work with. Had I still lived in the "big city" of Phoenix, I would still be waiting for Cox Communications to come out four days from now. Thank you ETC for delivering such excellent phone service, Internet service that allows me to work from home with confidence of constant connectivity, and for excellent TV cable delivery. You and what you stand for is why I moved back to experience the "small town" and human touch! Customers do obviously matter! Thank you so much for all you do!."

Customer comment to Barbara
Ms Cesnik sent a message through Live Chat that she was very happy with her install that Lee did. She said, "He was a great technician & wanted to make sure that ETC knew they had someone good representing the company."

Customer comment to Jessica
Donald and Margaret L came into the office and wanted to let ETC know what a fine job that Tony Ledford did when he came out to work on their cable. They said, "he was very polite and did an excellent job."

Customer comment to Karen
Brenda from Epworth called and wanted to let everyone know how much she appreciated Trading Time. It helped find her Granddaughters dog yesterday! Someone saw it was missing on Trading Time and had seen the dog not long before that. The neighborhood started searching and found it. The dog was returned to the little girl and the man wouldn't take the reward. He said that's what neighbors are for! She appreciates ETC for being neighborly and caring about the community!

Customer comment to Martha
Customer Ann M called in to praise David Totherow for the exceptional service she received. She wanted everyone to know, especially his supervisor, that she is very pleased.

Customer comment to Shelia
Mrs. S from Turtle Town called in and wanted to Compliment Tony Ledford. He found her phone problem in a hurry and wanted to let ETC know Tony was very nice, polite and knowledgeable. She was upset when calling the trouble ticket in and wanted to apologize. She said, "People will complain, but when the problem is resolved they forget to say thank you and she wanted to say THANK YOU!"

Customer comment to Trevor
Carrie from First Methodist Parsonage called in to let everyone at ETC know how Amazingly Tim Lents performed his duties today. She said, "He was polite, knowledgeable and completed the job promptly. He is a true asset to our company and our great community!"

Customer comment to Lisa
Lee McClure came this morning to install our cable and internet. He was so nice and patient with my questions. I wanted to take the time to let someone know that he is really nice guy.

Customer comment to Karen
David W wanted to let ETC know how much he is enjoying the new music channels.

Customer comment to Leticia
Leanne C wanted ETC to know that Michael Whitmore done a fantastic job during his installation.

Customer comment to Jessica
Tony went on a trouble ticket to Eugene B's house. Eugene dropped by the Cucktown office and wanted to let ETC know that Tony was very polite and did an excellent job.

Call to Shelia
Mrs. Metta S called to let ETC know, that she could not ask for a more polite service technician than Tim Lents. She said, "He hooked up her equipment, was very professional and polite." She also said, "People are always quick to complain about things but she wanted to take time to call in and compliment Tim."

Call to Lisa
Customer Laura L. praised David Totherow for his great job with troubleshooting her cable yesterday and how nice he was.

Call to Diane
Ms Margene R called and wanted me to let everyone know what a nice, courteous, hard working man Daniel Reece was. She said, “He had spent a lot of time and worked hard getting her service working right.”

Call to Gwen
Customer Angie Z called and said that Kevin Bramlett & Jennifer Poole provided great customer service for her. Kevin explained her TV package channels and Jenny did a wonderful job explaining her bill.

Call to Shelia
Mrs. John C said that she wanted to Compliment Michael Reed. She said, “They were so pleased with his work and he was a very nice Gentleman.”

Comment to Lisa
Mr. and Mrs. Levy just came in to the office and wanted to make sure that Michael Reed was recognized for his professionalism and excellent work. They were very impressed!

Call to Candace
Justin C called in to say Adam Prather did an amazing job helping install his wife’s closed caption equipment. Adam also made his cable channels clearer while he was there. Mr. Carter said, "Adam was very knowledgeable, really cool and awesome."

Call to Shelia
William S called and said, "he really likes the new music channels and how they are set up now. He also likes National Geographic and would like for ETC to add National Geographic Wild."

Call to Lisa
Customer Mary W called to say how much she appreciates Scott Kiser and Dianne Holt, for us coming out to fix her cable box. She is grateful for the good people that work at ETC.

Comments to Fred
Fred was working in the north market on Shady Walk Lane off Hardscrabble Rd. While he was working in front of Mr.Henderson’s home, who has phone & internet with ETC, Mr. Henderson came out to talk to Fred to share the following. “I have a letter in my hand from your competitor, offering me a $100.00 credit if I will drop ETC & switch my services to them. I just wanted you to know that this is what I think of their offer"..and he proceeded to crumble the letter & throw away.

Mr.Henderson said, "I’m VERY HAPPY with ETC service and would 'not’ swap my service no matter what they offer! Everyone that I’ve talked to with ETC has been very nice and if I’ve had any problems with service it has been taken care of quickly.”

Call to Chris
Customer Martin W called in and said Tim Lents came out to repair his cable. In no time at all he fixed the problem. He said he was very impressed with ETC and the tech and said, "We greatly exceeded his expectations of customer service!"

Call to Gwen
Customer Pearl E from Jasper says that Sheila is a great CSR & she had "a smile in her voice". Pearl thanks Sheila for the great customer service she just received.

Call to Susan
One of our new customer’s Jamie K called in to tell us what a wonderful job Michael Reed did when he installed his internet service. He wanted to let us know Michael is a hardworking, knowledgeable employee and what a great asset he is to ETC. He was proud to have him at his house to do the install.

Call to Karen
Peggy Davis called and wanted to Thank ETC for rescuing Shane Abercrombie’s Cat from the tree yesterday. She was very impressed with our kind service and said what a wonderful family oriented company this is and thanked us for everything we do in the community!

Call to Jenny
Customer, Billy W, called in and said that Adam Prather come out to his house this morning to work on their phone line. He wanted to let us know what a good and efficient job he did plus he really appreciated ETC coming out in the bad weather and rain to work on their lines!

Call to Sheryl
I had a call from Daniel who complimented ETC’s customer service and installers that he has dealt with. He said, "DISH does you a favor with their poor support and unfriendly representatives."

Comment from Pam
Here is a short conversation I would like to share with everyone. I went to Jasper Eye Associates for my eye exam. While Dr. James and I were talking, he asked me if I was still working at ETC and I told him yes. He said ETC has made it difficult for him to deal with his service provider at his home(in another service provider's area). I asked him why, and here was his reply:

“ETC has set a standard that no other company can touch. Everybody I have ever dealt with, from office personnel to technicians, is so professional and helpful. The person who assisted when we [Jasper Eye Associates] were building our new office was so knowledgeable. He worked with the building contractor and made suggestions that have ended up being very helpful.”Dr. James went on to say he would love to know the guidelines that our Human Resources Department uses when they are interviewing job applicants.

Comment from Matt Penland
Recently, ten year old Wylie K went to be with the Lord. Please pray for his mom and brother. I wanted to let ETC employees know that every time I talked to his mom over the past two years, she praised our employees for giving Wylie the laptop. She said he used it 5 to 6 hours a day. It was a blessing to the family and they will never forget the loving and caring employees at ETC.

Call to Sheryl
One of our new customers, Marta M had telephone, internet and cable installed last week by Philip Underwood and told me that he was very helpful and wanted to let our folks here know.

Call to Carol
Sonya L called to let us know how much she and her husband, Ron, appreciated Trevor Allen’s help with getting their computer up and going. "Trevor was patient and kind and went above and beyond the call of duty to help us."

Call to Cindie
John Lowman had a trouble ticket on Jack C in the Ellijay market. Jack just called in to say what an excellent job John did on repairing the trouble. “He was courteous, knowledgeable and professional. The tech ETC sent really represents ETC well to the customers as well as doing a great job. Thank You!”

Letter from Ringgold Telephone for Tornado relief help
Words cannot express our humble appreciation at the incredible support we received from you in the weeks following the storm. Almost immediately, you responed by sending a digger/derrick truck, two bucket trucks, utility truck, pick-up truck, a seven man line crew, splicers and installers to help us rebuild our damaged infrastructure. Tim Lint, Chad Mathis, Van Powell, Alvin Reece, Larry Sisson, Andy Duvall, Allen Sisson, Carl Hill, Justin Owenby and Joe Frady, worked tirelessely on the restoration. We were truly overwhelmed at their selfless dedication of time and energy.
Your quick response and expertise allowed for crews to move more quickly. Without the help from Ellijay Telephone, we would not be where we are today. In our greatest time of need, your suppport was invaluable. On behalf of the entire staff at RTC, please accept our thanks to the employees and Ellijay Telephone Company.

Letter from Ellijay United Methodist Church
Gentlemen, I want to bring to your attention the outstanding response and resolution of a security issue we had at First United Methodist Church of Ellijay by two of your tecnicians, Howard and Justin Strohl.
This was the Friday after the tornados came through Gilmer County. In spite of the demands this put on ETC, they met me at the church, identified the problem and resolved within 45 minutes.
We are very grateful for the timely and professional manner in which it was handled.

Call to Donna
Customer Leland F wanted to compliment Scott Kiser for a wonderful job.

From Gwen at the Ellijay office
Customer Dale R came by the office to commend tech Dale Corbin on the fine job he did fixing his TV problems. He said,"Dale went the extra mile and found more than one issue and kept working on the picture quality to make sure it was up to ETC standards." He was very impressed with Dale’s persistence to find the problem.

Call to Diane
Mrs Suzie H. called in to let us know what a nice young man we had sent to her home this morning to fix her service. She said he was very nice, polite, knowledgeable and took care of her trouble. She wanted to make sure his employer knew what a good employee they had in Michael Reed.

Call to Steve
Mr Livers called and said he wanted to let everyone know what a good job Michael Reed done doing his install today.

Call to Carol
A customer from Talking Rock asked me to let ETC know that Jason Lickey helped her thru a harrowing break-in Friday morning around 2:40 am. A man was trying to pry a window open and Jason Lickey answered the monitoring call, kept her calm and stayed on the phone with her while dispatching the police. She said he made the ordeal much easier to handle.

Call to Amanda
Lamar M wants to let ETC know how excellent Sam McVey was to help him with his computer. Sam did everything he needed to fix him up & we better hang on to him for a long time!

Call to Liz
Bama R wanted John Harrison to know what an exceptional job Carolyn Fricks did in selling him High Speed Internet. He is admittedly frugal, and it took 3 years of hard salesmanship for Carolyn to finally get his business. He also commented on what an outstanding professional job, Chad Mathis did installing his high speed internet.

Call to Lisa
Customer Pearl E wanted to compliment Sheryl Mayfield for such a wonderful job she does. She said Sheryl does not hesitate to give the information needed and that on a scale of 1 – 10, she is a 12.

Call to Leticia
Joseph R. called in and wants to Thanks Scott Kiser for really caring and helping them. He was very satisfied with Scott’s knowledge and service.

Call to Lisa
Allen Abernathy wanted us to know that he has been very happy with ETC services when he still had his business, Charles Home Furnishings. He commended our techs for being out on a repair call within 3 hours, every time, and also for his mother’s services as well. He used to be with competitor, and even has a relative that retired with them, but prefers our company. Lastly, he said those two ladies in the Ducktown office are sweethearts!

Call to Alan D
Dr. Michael Gwatney Director of Technology with Fannin County School System called me to compliment Justin Bramlett on a great job he did with some technical assistance for Fannin Schools. I would like to say, Thanks to Justin. His efforts are instrumental in maintaining solid relationships with customers like Fannin County Schools.

Call to Barbara
Nancy F wanted ETC to know that Lee McClure did a great job installing her DVR. He took the time to show her & her husband how to operate it and that he was one of the nicest guys she had ever met.

Call to Jessica
Len J called in regarding a new order for internet. He said the construction crew had came out earlier this week and completed the construction work. He wanted to let ETC know how courteous these gentleman were and the exceptional job that they did.

Call to Jessica
Ruth F called in to compliment Chris Berry. She said he was very polite and courteous. She had also spoke to Evan Holt and wanted to compliment him on being polite and helpful.

Call to Lisa
Customer Gerturde C. called and said she fell on May 30 and utilized her Medical Alert System. She said by pressing the help button she got the help she needed. She wanted to thank everyone.

Call to Gwen
Customer Jane B. said her High Speed service with ETC was ‘a cut above’ any HS provider. She is originally from Florida and does business on the Internet. She said that ETC was the best provider she had ever used. Mrs. B also said the tech that installed her service and the employees at ETC have always exceeded her expectations.

Walk-in Customer to Carolyn
Rob P. came into the office and wanted me to tell everyone that Evan and Adam were very nice and they helped him with his computer problem.

Walk-in Customer to Ducktown office talking with Missy
Peter W. came in to return his equipment. He is moving back to Florida. He just wanted to let us know what a great company ETC is and he has always had excellent service with us

Email to Customer Service
"I am writing this letter to brag on the two men who are working tonight in Technical Support. One's name is Evan, and I didn't get the other man's name. However, we have a new computer and we called at least five times tonight. Both men were so helpful and extremely understanding about my lack of computer knowledge.

It is nice to call for help and to het helped by someone who seems to really care if they could help us or not. All of our questions were answered with great expertise. They also helped with the programming from your location." - Sincerely Mary R.

Call to Gwen
Customer Tony & Charlotte W want to commend our tech support group for their help & quick response to their trouble, and to Dale Corbin for his on-site help. He did a great job & went beyond the "normal" service expected

Call to Candace
Janith D called in to praise Scott Kiser for working so hard yesterday getting her daughter’s service restored. She was amazed and grateful at how quick ETC responded.

Call to George
Mrs. Smith just called in and wanted everyone to know what a great job David did to get her service working properly. She stated that several channels were snowy for a while but had not called in due to her schedule. She said David went above and beyond normal customer service!

Call to Jessica
Tony Ledford installed service for Bobbie M. She said he did an excellent job and was very courteous. She decided after discussing our services with Tony that she would swap her phone over to ETC and have all 3 services.

Call to Gwen
Customer Pearl E wants all to know that Sheryl in our Ball Ground offices does a wonderful job. Our customer used words such as : cooperative, caring, sweet voice, investigates all her problems. Thank you Sheryl for providing great customer service.

Call to Leticia in Call Center
Karen W. called and said our techs Adam Prather & Daniel Reece did a great job fixing Karen's outages due to yesterday's storms. They went way beyond what she expected. She wants to thank ETC for great service.

Call to Barbara
I just had a call from Greg W. who wanted to commend Lisa Tippens & Chad Presley. He said Lisa was very friendly, efficient & extraordinary. He said Chad arrived to his place in minutes & was very courteous, fixed the problem right away & showed him some functions he didn’t know about.

Call to Lisa in Call Center
Here is a compliment to the techs from Marie, with ZYVAX, INC. She wanted to let us know how much they appreciate that ETC got their phone and high speed working so quickly after the storm.

Call to Lisa in Call Center
Customer Louann S. called to personally thank Sheila for her help in getting her services back on after the storm.

Call to Lisa in Call Center
With all the troubles being called in today, here is a compliment to the techs from Marie, with ZYVAX, INC. She wanted to let us know how much they appreciate that ETC got their phone and high speed to working so quickly. Great job!

Call to Brent
David P gave me a call this morning and wanted to commend Thomas Marks on a great job he had done with support last night. Mr. Potts said that he was pleasantly surprised to get such good support from a local company.

Call to Lisa in Call Center
I was speaking to Michelle E. today and she could not say enough good things about ETC. She tells me that she lets everybody know that she just loves her phone company, and that her experience with us has been one positive thing after another, as we offer phenomenal service. Also, she thinks that customers who have never had another phone company, like she has, does not appreciate ETC as much as they should.

Call to Lisa in Call Center
Customer Debbie B. called to thank ETC for fixing her phone today. She had a repair ticket in for noise on the line and Dale Corbin got it fixed.

Call to Lisa in Call Center
Customer Richard W called in saying that David Totherow was at his home today and did an outstanding and excellent job. He commented that Dave cleaned up after his job, too.

Call to Missy
Sue J. called and wanted to let ETC know what a super good job Kevin and John did installing her service.

Email to Frankie Rigdon
OK, So I am guilty! Sometimes, frustrated by an outage or some other problem which requires my calling your office, I can be a bit gnarly. I apologize for that.

The flip side of that is when I call your office or have contact with your field staff and come away completely impressed by that contact. Today was such a day!

Without DSL all weekend and having had surgery earlier this morning, I was not in my best mood. I was determined, however, to not let your technician be the recipient of my emotions. That thought was not even necessary once your technician arrived.

His name was Dale and I believe he said his last name was Corbin. He turned out to be one of the nicest and most professional of all I have met over the years representing your company. His demeanor, courtesy and knowledge put me immediately at ease and made my "big" problem instantly "smaller".

Having owned my own businesses over the years, I know how important it is to receive positive customer feedback regarding employees as representatives of a business. I wish to acknowledge one of your best employees, in my experience and hope you will pass along your appreciation as well.

Thank You (and Thank You, Dale),

Joseph K

Call to Sheryl
Leonard R, a new customer who had cable and internet services installed on Tuesday by Brandon Jones, called in today to compliment Brandon on a fantastic job.

Call to Shelia in Call Center
Daniel in Jasper wanted ETC to know that the only reason he is getting service with ETC is because of Chris Berry. He is getting the Family Package and said Chris was patient with him and didn’t push the service down his throat and he appreciates that. He kept saying he wanted ETC to know that Chris is a great and professional employee.

Call to Lisa in Call Center
Customer Bruce B. would like to thank the person who braved the snow and ice for getting his services turned back on from vacation last week. He really appreciated it. It looks like it was maybe Chad Mathis.

To Chris in Internet and Macy in Customer Service, and all the rest of you at ETC
I just wanted to thank all of you very much for going above and beyond for me today, and expediting the restoration of my internet service. You guys are great!

Call to Sheryl in Call Center
One of our customers, John, called and wanted to let everyone know what a great job Jason in Tech Support did this afternoon helping him with router troubles he was having.

Call to Lisa in Call Center
Mildred T. is a customer who is porting her phone number to ETC and she wanted to let everyone know that she very much enjoys our television programming. She especially likes Mr. Hood’s television program, "Those Who Served," as she was a marine in World War Two.

Customer talking with Jenny at the counter (on a 15 to 20 degree day outside)
Once again, another ETC employee has gone above and beyond for a member of our community. An older lady came in the office today to say that she was parked in our parking lot and noticed that she had a flat tire. She had no one to call and help her, so I called on some of our Internet Technology employees to see if they would help a lady in distress. Michael Shields stepped up and offered to help. Not only did he help to change her tire, but he took her spare tire to the tire shop to have in inflated.

Call to Sheryl in Call Center
Ms. Blanco called in because she wanted to tell everyone here how great Michael Whitmore is. After porting her phone from TDS and adding both internet and cable she was so excited about how professional Michael was. She said she could not have asked for anyone better.

Call to Sheryl in Customer Service
Chris M. called to say she has been a customer for years but had a competitor for phone service before ETC. Whe loves ETC and remembers the day we installed her new phone line that gave her good, clear reception. She says we are always friendly and go beyond other companies to help customers. She repeated that she will never switch providers and was really happy.

Email to Customer Service
Every year, regardless of economic conditions, ETC supports the community it serves. From the practical, yet handy note pads given to teachers to finding ways to better our recreational parks, you find ways to give. In current times, your company is a "precious gem," rare and glowing! As a teacher who has taught my whole career in Gilmer County and treasures the heritage of this community, I simply wanted to thank you for all you do. Thank you, Tracy Jenkins Gilmer Middle School Honors Language Arts Reading Recovery "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart."

Call to Jessica in Customer Service
Warren W wanted to let ETC know what a good job Michael Reed did fixing his service. He also said Michael was very courteous and nice.

Email from Kim in Ellijay to Customer Care
I just want to tell ETC how VERY PLEASED I am with their excellent customer service. I was very hesitant about signing on with ETC service as had previously had a large satellite company where I lived before and just was unsure about going back after years to cable. But I am so glad that I did. All of your employees are top notch and I could not ask for better customer service. A shinning example of your good service came to my doorstep a few days ago.

Mr. Jack Stanley stopped by my home to deliver me some ETC information and a very nice ETC key chain. While he was here I mentioned that I was having a bit of a problem getting all the channels on my TV. Although he was not a ETC support technician, he offered to take a look. He tried and tried and told me he thought it was in my TV. But he did not stop there. He called another ETC customer service representative who was a friend of his named Larry (don't know last name) and later that same day, they both came back and figured it out and now I have all the channels I am supposed to have. I have an older TV and the problem was with my TV setting, not Cable. I felt that was above and beyond the call of duty and I certainly appreciated their help more than you can ever know.

If my old Satellite TV provider offered me 50 more channels, I would not switch back as I know I would never, ever get the great customer service that I have gotten from the "git go" with ETC.

Thanks for a great company and great employees. And another special thanks to Jack and Larry.

Call to Missy in Call Center
Mr. Von Almen called in to say how polite and helpful David Totherow was when he came out to fix his cable today. He said ETC was very lucky to have David as an employee

Call to Jessica in Call Center
Fred C. called wanting to let us know that David Todd did an excellent job installing his internet service.

Call to Lisa in Call Center
New ETC customer David B. wanted to let everyone know what a great job Chris Berry and Bryan Sosensky did with the install of his new ETC services.

Call to Brent
Customer Edsel H. wanted to let ETC know that the two techs, Jonathan Gibson and Robby Cantrell, who installed her Security System were very polite, courteous & did a great job.

Call to Lisa in Call Center
I just got off the phone with customer Virginia S. She said she could not speak any higher about ETC service. She recently returned home from Florida, and while away, there had been lightning damage to her outside box, causing her cable to be snowy. She called Rena, and within the hour a technician was out. She was very happy, and also mentioned that Rena always goes the extra mile.

Call to Lisa in Call Center
Customer called in and wanted ETC to know that at her new install with us, the tech had a very kind demeanor, and she can’t believe that we are local. She said we are doing everything right in our marketing, and that those things matter. The technician who did the install was John Lowman

Call to Gwen
Customer Nancy T. called in to say that ETC employees are the best. She spoke to several CSR’s during July & they were all great, sweet, & friendly. She also said our tech support was very professional & did a good job.

Call to Russ Hoek
I just took a call from customer Sam in Blue Ridge. He was complimenting technician Larry Clayton. The customer said that Larry was very professional and he did not think Larry could do it, but he did. The customer also commented on what a quick response we had in getting his trouble fixed.

Call to Lisa in Call Center
Customer Susan A. says John has been to their home a few times to trouble-shoot their internet, and she said he is excellent at what he does, and a good guy.

Call to Barbara
I just had a call from Alma in Ducktown, TN. She said ETC was the best company she had ever had ever dealt with. Her words were “ETC is so gracious, kind, considerate & thoughtful.”

Walk-in to Jasper office
We had a customer come in the office this morning to thank Leticia for helping his sister. His sister needed help with service but couldn’t come into the office because she has a broken leg, so Leticia contacted her. He said Leticia was a good employee & he appreciated her for doing that.

Call to Shelia in Call Center
Mrs. Ellis called and wanted ETC to know what great ETC employees Scott Kiser and John Moreland are. She said that they are both very courteous, friendly, and very professional. She said that she is “more” than happy and wants ETC to know she is pleased with the professionalism of Scott and John. She said “any customer would be glad to have them come to their home.”

Call to Customer Service
Customer Roger B. had a trouble ticket on his services today that was repaired by John Lowman. The customer called in to let us know what an efficient job that John did. Way to go John Lowman!!!

Call to Customer Service
Andrea just called praising ETC for their prompt service. She recently had a heart attack. Her phone was out and she panicked. She called us and explained the situation & said we were there bright and early to fix it. She was very pleased. Thanks to everyone who helped to take care of this. Way to go ETC!!!

Call to Lisa in call center
Glenn called in regarding his service being out, and when I explained it was one we were aware of and are working to correct, he wanted me to let ETC know how much he appreciates how we handle things here, and that he can speak to a live person. He also spoke of our efficiency and personal touch, and asked that we never forget that personal touch, that when a customer is already frustrated, talking to a computer makes is worse. He said he knows ETC is growing, but asks that we never “get too big for our britches” and go to an automated service.

Call to Rena
Tracy C. in Jasper just called and wanted me to let everyone know what a terrific, understanding and most exceptional guy we had with Jonathan Gibson. She said she felt like the company needed to know what a super guy he was and she wanted him to know how thankful she was for his understanding of what she was going thru at this time with losing her husband.

Call to Lisa
Customer Stephen G. called in to compliment his install technician, Bryan Sosensky. He said Bryan was fantastic, and his quality of work was impeccable.

Call to Brent
Bob S. called yesterday and wanted everyone at ETC to know what a great job Chris Bradley & Sam Mcvey did in helping him on Saturday.

Call to Shelia
Mrs. Joseph M. in Blue Ridge said that Chris Berry came out on a trouble ticket and he is truly, one of the “kindest” gentlemen she has ever met. She said that the world would be a better place if everyone was like Chris. She also said she is from Florida and you sure don’t find them like Chris in Florida.

Call to Liz
Jackie G. called in to say he loves our new channels. He thinks we are a great company and has never had a problem with us like satellite companies. He is just “tickled’ with us.

Walk-in at Blue Ridge office
A gentleman came in to get a new channel line-up and wanted to let everyone know how happy he is to have CSS channel.

Call to Linda
Erica called stating how much she loved the new channel line-up. She had been requesting "E" for a long time. She just wanted to let everyone know how excited she was over it.

Call to Barbara
Roger B. wanted to express his appreciation for the wonderful job Steve Gibson did on the 16th. He said he was very professional & did a great job. His appointment was at 8:30am & he said Steve was prompt.

Walk-in Customer to Ducktown office
Robbi M came in to pay her bill and she said “ETC is so much better than AT&T, your services, prices, everything.” She said “I know I say that every time I come in the office but I’m going to keep telling you.”

Call to Sheryl in Communications
Mrs. Ruby Perry has just called in to recognize one of our employees who stopped to help and call a tow truck after her car broke down. Ruby did not remember the gentleman’s name, but did say he was an ETC employee driving a truck. Ruby was so thankful and excited to tell this story.

Call to Customer Service
Mr. Davis called in to tell us what great customer service that we provided to him this morning. He said that he was from Florida and that he had never received such great service until today. He stated that Dale Corbin was very professional, courteous, prompt and knowledgeable.

Call to Scott in Dispatch
Ms. Aaron called and wanted everyone to know what a fine job David Totherow did while repairing her CATV.

Call to Linda
Margo called and wanted everyone know that ETC employee Tony Ledford is a nice & courteous young man.

Call to Gwen
Customer Julie called in to commend CSR Glenda for her courteous, pleasant, helpful service. She said that Glenda was a great ETC employee & that’s one reason she chose ETC

Call to Barbara in call center
I just had a call from a customer praising Susie. He said that she was the nicest person he thought he had ever spoken with. He thought he should let ETC know how he appreciated her.

Email to Roger Futch
Good morning Roger, I hope you are having a good day. I have communicated with Darrell Harper for about two years and am very impressed with the way he has treated me. I have asked many questions about ETC Cable and he has always been very friendly, prompt and helpful. If he can't answer my questions he checks with other employees and finds the answer. I feel like you are very fortunate to have such a dedicated employee. Thanks and have a good day!

Call to Janet in repair
Mr. Adams wanted to let ETC know what a great job Brian Sosensky did installing his cable and highspeed yesterday.

Call to Janet
Daisy R. called and said that Phillip Underwood did a very good job hooking up her services today and wanted ETC to know what a good employee he is.

Letter from Hans Ruffert (Former ETC employee and now owner of the Woodbridge Inn in Jasper, Georgia)
Dear friends,

I called ETC yesterday and was quickly reminded of what an amazing, customer service oriented company you work for. Since Amy and I took over at the Woodbridge Inn we've been dealing with all sorts of service companies, but NONE OF THEM even come close to the level of customer service and care that ETC provides. I knew it was a special company during my tenure there, but sometimes it takes a little distance to fully appreciate it. So kudos to all of you for making
ETC what it is today...thank you.

I also wanted to take a moment to thank each of you for the love and support you displayed during my illnesses. It's amazing how the company rallied together in the face of adversity and, without question, it helped me pull through some incredibly difficult times.

My ETC family will always hold a special place in my heart and I cannot thank you enough for your kindness. I'm still having some difficulties (and always will I imagine), but I think I'm finding my stride. I'd love for you all to come and visit my family at the Inn sometime for a meal. We're serving lunch on Wednesdays now, and I know how my former co-workers love to eat!

Again, thank you for all of your support. I may not be at ETC everyday, but I still feel very much a part of the ETC family. Be well and gesundheit! I hope to see you all soon... -Hans

Call to Bessie in Call Center
The staff at Imerys/Georgia Marble Whitestone wanted to let us know how impressed they are with Branson Chastain. They said he is very nice and professional.

Call to Customer Service
Mrs. Betty S. on Boardtown Road called to say how nice and helpful Chad Mathis was to her after the recent "wind storm” we had a few weeks ago. She said she is a part time customer and Chad was kind enough to stop and help her get a tree out of the way that had blown over so she could get to her home. She said he was very nice and courteous and went out of his way to help her. She said there just aren't many people around now who would take the time to help someone. She wanted his employers and supervisors to know.

Call to Liz
James L. called & said David Totherow went to his house on a trouble ticket & he just wanted everyone to know what a great guy. He said he was really nice & knew just what to do.

Call to Janet
Jerry F. called in to praise Shannon Goble for his great work and to thank ETC for the fast response on his trouble ticket.

Call to Sheryl
Kristy D. called, said she had a great experience with Brandon Jones who installed her phone, internet and cable after porting her number and wanted to spread the word. Kristy said Brandon was very polite and courteous.

Call to Gwen
Customer Michael K. in Ball Ground area had a trouble ticket cleared yesterday and said: "ETC is the best! The techs did a great job.“ He wanted to let us know that he appreciates ETC & its top quality employees

Letter to George Robinson
We have our phone, high speed internet and cable service with ETC. We are extremely pleased with the ETC employees. We’ve never dealt with a company with nicer people. Everyone we have talked with has been very courteous and helpful. The employee who normally comes to our home to solve any problems we may have is Tony Ledford. Tony is a very nice young man and always eager to help (an asset to your company).

Another thing we appreciate is the time element involved from the time we call until Tony arrives. Last week when our DVR went out, Tony was there within two hours. We really did appreciate the fact that Tony was here so quickly. We love our DVR and miss it when we aren’t able to use it.

Please thank all the ETC employees for their kindness to the customers. We do notice!
Ed & Cheryl Dobbs

Call to Dispatch
Marsha R called to compliment Brandon Baker. She said he installed her cable perfectly and that he was very kind and knowledgeable and she praised the way he cleaned up everything after the install.

Call to Janet
Mrs. Russell called to compliment Michael Whitmore. She said that he made sure everything was hooked up and working, and was so nice & knowledgeable, and went out of his way to make sure everything was taken care of. She also wanted to compliment Donna White who took her order. She said Donna was very nice and patient with her. She said she has had service with ETC for nine years and is always treated special by all employees. She says thanks to everyone.

From Rena in Call Center
T. Parker just came in the office and wanted me to let everyone know what a most polite gentleman John Lowman is. Mr. Parker said it was a true pleasure to get to meet such a nice fellow and that he really appreciated the job he did. He said that one does not meet many people like Lowman and he wanted to put in a good word for him because it meant alot to have such a person around.

Call to Lisa in Customer Service
Customer Judith Y called in to say that we got her services restored within an hour, and she wanted to call and thank us.

Call to Rena in Call Center
Ms. Margurite C. could not speak highly enough of Brandon Jones. She said he was one of the finest, most courteous and knowledgable company representatives she had ever met.

Call to Donna in Call Center
Mr. and Mrs. Payne came in to port their phone from “the other telephone company.” Chad Mathis was there this morning to install highspeed. They said he was very kind and helpful with making them understand that they could keep their existing number. They said that they have been with “the other telephone company” for a very long time and this was going to be a big change for them. They had talked with Sheila previously and said that “she also was quite the sales person."

Customer Call from Bent Tree to Gwen
They said that Daniel Reece was a great person & great ETC employee and “If I was still in business I would hire Daniel to work for me!"

Call to Lisa in Call Center
I just got off the phone with a very pleasant Frankie D. and she wanted to let us know that she lived in Marietta for 42 years, and since moving here, ETC is the best company she has dealt with, and she recommends ETC to all her friends.

Call to Donna
Mr. Benny H called in and wanted ETC to know how he appreciated Phillip and the job he did. Phillip reconnected Mr. Hitt’s cable service at a new location today. He said that Phillip was a very kind and nice gentleman.

Comment to Linda
John came in to pay his phone bill. He wanted everyone to know how smart he thought Shannon Goble is. He said that he needed to be working on jetliners and that he was very intelligent & courteous.

Comment to Rena
Ann J. was just in the office and said she wanted everyone to know what a pleasure it was to have John Lowman at her home installing internet. She said he went over everything with her and was just super nice.

Call to Barbara
I spoke with Frances C earlier today & she asked that I tell Daniel Reece’s supervisor that is definitely a gentleman. She said he was really a nice guy & very friendly.

Call to Glenda in Call Center
Tabatha W was scheduled for an install this morning and called to say ETC had great customer service and ETC tech Phillip Underwood did a great job. He was very professional, courteous, polite and ON TIME.

Call to Diane
Mr. Dean F from the Bent Tree Community just called to let us know what an extremely efficient, prompt and knowledgable DANIEL REECE is. He had builders working at his home that did something to his cable line and his cable went out. He said he called in a trouble ticket and Daniel arrived shortly after his call and was able to fix his problem “pronto."

Call to Carol
Rhonda S called in to tell us what a great job Chad Reece and Steven Kyle did with their security system. She says that she now knows for sure that our commercial about "neighbors helping neighbors" is true.

Call to Steve T
Glenn F called in and wanted to commend Tim Lents for the exception job he done repairing his service on Saturday.

Call to Roger Futch
Customer Gary H called in to Roger's office and wanted to speak with Roger. Mr H wanted Roger to know what a good job Dale Corbin did at his house. He said Dale "went above and beyond the call of duty."

Customer to Call Center
Mr. Hightower called in wanting everyone to know what a great job Daniel Reece did yesterday at his house. He had been having some ongoing issues with his TV tiling and Daniel changed the box out and he has not had any problems since.

Call to Linda
Alma called and said the ETC Customer Service Representatives are super nice. She has had services with competitors and the people are not as nice as ETC. She is very pleased to have our service and said that ETC is very lucky to have employees that are courteous.

Call to Sheryl
New service was installed yesterday for Mr. Bell who was porting from a competitor. Mr. Bell called this morning to tell us that Brandon, who did his install, "went above and beyond the call of duty." Mr. Bell said that Brandon did an excellent job and even called after he had left to check on his services.

Comment at Community Event
One of the lady members attending the Healthy Women’s event, held in Blue Ridge last night, called in wanting to give a Special Thanks to Hans Rueffert. She said he was so inspiring and encouraging and did an excellent job, and just held the women in awe, he was so amazing.

Comment to Lisa
Customer Penelope L said ETC is the best phone company she has ever had, that we always hear the complaints, but we are the best. Way to go ETC!

Call to Lisa
Johnny W’s wife called in to disconnect services as they moved to Virginia. She stated that we were a terrific phone company and she hoped the next one out there would be.

Customer to Missy
Mrs. Gray just came thru and wanted to let us know that the tech that installed her DVR was super nice. She said everyone who has ever come to her house from ETC was always so nice and polite.

Call to Donna
Tom R called in to say “Thank You”. He said that he was very pleased with how quick ETC responded and fixed services after the storm on Friday. He stated that his services were out at home and at his business and ETC had services back working promptly and efficiently. He really appreciated the service he has with ETC.

Call to the Call Center
Customer Robert G called to say that Donna W. did an excellent job to help him. His phone had been off & was now working. She did a ‘fantastic job Robert said.

Call to Lisa
Customer Alvin H called and wanted to thank John Lowman for a wonderful job and he also said that John was very personable.

Call to Gwen
Customer Carol L is very pleased with the service provided to her by tech Larry Clayton. She had a continued problem & he stayed and figured out the solution. She called to say she was very satisfied.

From the Ballground office
James S. just came into the Ball Ground office, complimenting Jeremy in Technical Support. James said Jeremy was very helpful and patient.

Call to the Call Center
Robbi C called in and wanted to say thank you very much for prompt service and the hard work that ETC does. She said her services were not working and she returned home this evening and they are working now and she just wanted to give a big thank you to everyone involved.

From the Ducktown office
Brad Miller of Miller’s Small Engine stopped by to let us know how pleased he is with our service. He said he has had our service for a couple of years and has always been satisfied. He said he realized people always let us know when they were having trouble but he just wanted to stop by and commend us on our service.

Call to Joyce in Call Center
Edith D. wanted to let everyone know what a great job Shannon Goble did. He was knowledgeable, courteous and very friendly.

Call to Advanced Technologies Department
Dennis K just called and wanted to say what a good job that Thomas Marks had done for him. He said that Thomas went above and beyond his duty.

Call to Customer Service
Eric C. called in & wanted ETC to know what a great job Steven Kyle did at his home with his HDTV & Surround Sound. He was very knowledgeable and left it cleaner than it was before he got there.

Call to Customer Service
Mr. B. from Bentree called in to let everyone know what a great job Daniel Reece did at his residence. Some of the key words: courteous, knowledgeable, very professional, and a great asset to ETC.

Call to Linda in the Call Center
Margaret wanted everyone to know how much she appreciated ETC when she calls. She can talk to a real live person instead of pushing numbers for different problems. She can also come into office and talk to someone face to face.

Call to Carol in Security
David and Maggie called us with high praises for the professionalism and great work performed at their home this morning by security technicians Josh Howard and Chad Reece.

Call to Customer Service
Mary H. called in to let everyone at ETC know how great a job Dale Corbin did this morning resolving her DSL problem. She said Dale was on time, very polite and professional, and went above and beyond the call of duty. She just wanted to let us know what a great asset he was ETC.

Call to Customer Service
Richard call in and said that Mr. Berry was polite and very professional. He also said that he wanted ETC to know what a great employee we have. Richard said he has dealt with AT&T and other phone companies but people like Chris are what makes ETC unique and he wanted ETC to know that.

Call to Customer Service
I just had a call from a customer giving Tony Ledford lots of praise. She said she had never had service that fast. Her child was sick & asleep on the sofa & she said he was very quite-had to step over toys, but was very nice & professional.

From Customer Service
Dwight E. came in office to let us know what a nice young man Brandon Baker is. He said that he did an excellent job and took his time to explain things to him.

Call to Customer Service
Mrs. E G called in to let ETC know how appreciative she was of Jason Lickey, Andrew Payne, Joyce Barker, Bessie Henson and Pam Reece. She has spoken with all of them recently and cannnot praise them enough! She said that Jason and Andrew were very persistent in going above and beyond in helping her resolve her issues on her web site and she cannot believe Pam has only been here for one month. She said every person at ETC is just wonderful!

From a Customer Survey
All of my experiences with the Blue Ridge, Georgia office have been nothing buy exceptional! They are kind, friendly, and always responsive.

Call to Roger
Janice S left me a message about how impressed she is with all of the good customer service that we have delivered to her. She stated that every ETC employee she has had any contact with has been Great! She is a customer service teacher and was going to use ETC as an example in her next class at the University of Georgia (UGA).

Call to Lisa in the Customer Service
Customer was just on the phone and gave ETC a wonderful compliment. She said ETC was always so friendly and wonderful, whether coming out to her home or just when she calls in.

Comments from Customer Surveys
Lisa took time to answer my questions and was pleasant.”

"I love dealing with the ladies at the Jasper office. They are always so helpful and so nice and are always happy. Keep up the great work!!”

Call to Russell Hood
I have just gotten off the phone with Janice S. She wanted everyone to know that she was a Customer Service Instructor and that Tabby had handled a question for her and had "made her feel important."

Call to Frankie Rigdon
Ms. R said she wanted to let ETC know what a wonderful job that David Totherow and Michael Reed did to help improve her internet and CATV service. She said that they were both considerate and knowledgeable.

Call to Sheryl
One of our new customers, Barbara R., had service installed this morning by Philip Underwood. Mr. R called to say Philip did a "fine job" and "is a nice fella."

Call to Missy
I just spoke with Louise R and she wanted us to know that the technician (John Moreland) that installed her service was very nice in her words "Just a terrific young man".

Call to Lisa
Brandon Jones did an install for Lenwood and Marion H., and she just called in to say what an awesome job he did. She says he was very patient with her, walking her through everything, and wanted to be sure that he was commended for such good service.

Comment to Glenda in Customer Service
A very satisfied customer came into the Ball Ground office with nothing but compliments for Daniel. Floetta and JJ said they knew the true meaning of neighbors serving neighbors. Daniel took the time to explain everything, very nice, professional, and polite. For the first time ever they only have to use one remote for everything.

Customer comment in Jasper office to Rena
I just had Mr. Max T. in the office disonnecting his cable. He is moving to Canton. He said he wanted everyone to know how bad he hated giving up ETC. He knew Mr. Harrison years ago and had the opportunity to have lunch with him several times. He had gotten to know John and Doug during this time. He said they were fine men and he could tell a lot about them by all the upstanding, high class employees that worked for ETC. He said he had never met one that he would not have in his home. He said this is the best company he has ever dealt with and he wanted everyone to know that he considered ETC as his family. I agreed that we all felt as one big family and we tried to treat each and every one as our family. He was super, super nice.

Email to Tech Support
I an writing this email to acknowledge the service from your DSL Support Group and the extraordinary help from one of their members. In today's service-oriented society good service should be the goal of all businesses. I have always found this to be true whenever I have had to contact your DSL Support Group. They have always helped me resolve my problems, both promptly and with patience.

I say patience as I am visually impaired and have to use Assistive Technology software (Freedom Scientific's MAGIC) in order to see and hear what is on my PC. Since we started using ETC's DSL, and later when I added Web Hosting, your Support Group has been great. But this email is to acknowledge one member of the Support Group whose assistance takes "service" to an even higher level.

A short time ago I realized that my failing vision precluded my ability to continue my Web Hosting and that I would have to turn it over to someone else. It was during this time, very soon after I terminated the Hosting, that it was found that the verbiage for a key page was totally garbled and this was true on all of my backups. I remembered that what was shown on my ETC'-hosted webpage had been correct. I contacted the DSL Support Group and spoke to Andrew Payne of the Internet Support Group, who had assisted me in the past. I explained my problem and he was able to access the old website and send an email to me with the uncorrupted verbiage. This enabled me to correct the coding before turning it over. This assistance may or may not be ordinary service but, to me, it went far beyond that which I would have expected.

I wish to commend all of your Support Staff for their invaluable assistance but especially Andrew Payne for truly extraordinary service.

Call to Candace in the Call Center
Mr. Leonard P just called to thank Daniel Reece for having such a great attitude. He also wanted it to be known that Daniel did an excellent job and he was very impressed with ETC from the time he called in until Daniel left his house.

Call to Barbara
James S just called & wanted ETC to know that Michael Whitmore did a great job installing his service. He said he was a super guy & very pleasant. He said Michael bend over backwards to help & make sure that everything was achieved.

Comment to Gwen in Customer Service
Josh & Michael worked on a security system that had been damaged by storm The customer came into office in Jasper office and said: "Those 2 men did a great job. Very professional, very friendly, easy to work with...Please tell their supervisor."

Call to Kim in Customer Service
Mrs. Edgar M had their telephone number ported over to ETC on Wednesday. She wanted to let everyone know what a wonderful job Daniel Reece did. He was very friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable.

Call to Joy in Customer Service
A customer by the name of Mary Ann just called in and wanted to give high praising marks for our repairmen Larry Clayton who was out at their house on a repair ( for apprx 3 hrs) and did a fantastic job. She said "It was rare these days for someone to take the time and effort to help a customer with the trouble that they had." She also said, "He was helpful, and knew exactly what needed to be done and did it,and was extremely grateful, for all of his hard work to fix the problem."

From a Customer Survey letter about Michael Reed
The installer was very pleasant even though his outside work was done in a pouring rain. He should be commended.

Call to Lisa in the Call center
Customer Tim H. wanted to let us know he has had service with many larger phone companies, and that ETC was by far the best...by a mile. He states that he is especially impressed with our voicemail service. He says it is professional, with many options, and that a specific larger company's voicemail services do not allow him to replay his messages, and a wireless phone provider's voice message service will not give the time of the call on the replay.

Compliment from Tim D. to Donna in the Blue Ridge office
I just had a gentleman come in the Blue Ridge office handing out "gold stars" (that is how he put it) to Jessica, Glenda and Tony. He said that he called on May 16th and talked to Jessica to have cable service reconnected and was told that it takes about 3 days for reconnect. He said when he arrived in town, his cable service was working and he appreciated the speedy reconnect. He also said that his phone was not working when he arrived. He called and talked to Glenda, he told her due to medical problems they needed it fixed quickly. He said that Tony came to his home and had problem resolved within 3 to 4 hours after calling in. He said that he is from Chicago and if AT&T gave service to their customers like ETC gives to theirs, it might be a better place. He said to "Please pass out the gold stars".

Story from Rena
I just wanted to let everyone know what one little paint job meant to a very sick lady. Sue M. from Jasper has been an ETC customer for a long time. She has a pedestal in her yard that looked very bad. Today, Bill drove out there and put a new coat of paint on it. I called Sue to see if she had seen it. When she answered the phone, I could tell in her voice that she was not feeling well. I asked her how she was and she said she was not feeling too well today. I asked her if she had looked outside to see her new paint on the pedestal. She went to the door and started laughing and carrying on about how pretty it was. She said it meant so much to her to see this and said we had lifted her spirits to be sure. I want everyone to know just what a little paint can do for someone. Thanks Bill for taking care of such a small matter that has given such joy to someone in need.

Comment to Mitchell Pack
Susan M told me that a young man needed a pat on the back. Susan explained to me that she had called the support line at 9:45pm and Andrew Payne answered the phone. She said that he was very kind and very understanding and that he stayed on the phone with her until 10:30 and helped her fix the problem. It was something very important and she could not have completed her task without Andrew's help.

Comment from a customer who walked into the Ball Ground office
Customer Patricia H. came into Ball Ground, singing praises for Anthony Guglielmo. They said he did a fantastic job of getting all televisions in the house getting great reception, and that Anthony was the best tech they ever had come out.

Call to Eddy in the Call Center
Mrs. Dorfman just called and was having high speed trouble. She stated she called last night and spoke with Lawrence and he was very knowledgeable and super nice. She also stated that Dale came this morning and he was super. He got her up and running again. She wants us to know that she thinks ETC has best customer service around!!

Call to Lisa in Customer Service
Our customer Howard E called in to say that installer Chris Berry has been to his house 3 different times over the course of two and a half years, and always does a bang up job. Mr. Elkins says Chris has a good attitude, and appears to truly enjoy what he does. He recommended Chris deserves a raise! Mr. Elkins concluded by saying he has never had a bad experience with ETC, as everyone bends over backwards to do a good job.

Message left for Glenda in Customer Service
Scott Kiser went to the home of Judith Y. on 4/18/08 for a service request. She left a message on the Night Call 4/19/08 how efficient, prompt and courteous he was at a time when the service was needed since her mother in law was facing surgery and the daughter was expecting any time. She was very impressed with his service.

Call to Bessie in Customer Service
A customer called in singing Michael Reed's praises! They stated he worked in the sleet and rain yesterday to run lines to her home and that every time in the past when it rained her service would go out. Michael found the problem and corrected it. Her service did not go out during the rain yesterday.

Call to Rena in customer service
Mr. and Mrs. Judson T. wanted to let everyone know just what a fine and dedicated employee ETC has in John Lohman. They said he went far and beyond his call of duty yesterday when he installed their digital cable and high speed internet. He spent time with them going over everything which meant so much to them. They wanted me to be sure and thank him again for them.

Comment to Dave Garner
Mr. Will D. was very complimentary of Van Powell and his crew for the job they did in putting up a pole at First Baptist Jasper. He went on about the job those guys did while making it look easy.

Posting from Reynolds on Yahoo News Groups
"It took 7 days for AT&T (BellSouth) to fix an intercept problem, they needed to change the referral number. On the otherhand at my place in Ellijay Ga. Ellijay Telephone Company ETC took my order for unlimited long distance , call forwarding, caller id, three way calling and it was in the switch within 12 minutes. And I "used" to think the independents were not as good as AT&TO!"

Email to Matt & Andy in Tech Support
As you see I am on-line again. I started from beginning following the 5 steps, instructions, resetting the modem and router one of you gave me. It Worked!! Thanks, one again for your xpertese. As for that joker setting in some other country wanting to charge me $30+ for tech. support and sell me another rouder, he can #**#!!#$%!! Thanks again - Beverly

Call to Missy in Customer Service
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy T just recently had new cable service installed and said they were very pleased and that the installer was very nice and had recommended the Economy package to them. They came in and signed up for the package today and were so pleased with Brandon's work that they requested he come back and install their phone service also.

Call to Gwen from Valerie H.
"I have had service in the past with Alltel, Comcast, AT&T, and DirecTV... ETC is by far the best system/company I have had. Thank you"

Call to Lisa in Customer Service
Marvin A. called in to say many wonderful things about two technicians. The first one is Dale Corbin. He said Dale solved his internet problems, took time to explain everything, fixed the roar on his phone, and he is "tickled to death", along with now having faster internet speed. The second person is Michael Reed. He said Michael took the time to explain his cable to him and now he has perfect reception. He also complimented the timeliness of both gentlemen in getting to his house. Mr. Von Alman says he is also in the service industry, and realizes how we don't hear enough about the good experiences customers have. He says also that he will tell everyone he knows that he is proud to be a customer of ETC.

Call to Lisa in Customer Service
Greg R just told me what wonderful experience he has had with our customer service at ETC. He said they came up for a weekend and were out of service, and we were out there and had the problem corrected within 45 minutes.

Comment to Charlotte
"I met a nice couple in the Circle J Steakhouse at Blue Ridge the other night, by the name of Frank & Betty. They just wanted everyone to know how much they appreciated the curteousy shown by Carol West in helping them get their security system order setup. Even though Frank is a little hard of hearing, he said Carol was so sweet and patient with him. Then,Chad Reece and Justin Strohl came out to install and were so friendly and curteous. They took the time to explain how to operate the system and worked with him until he fully understood all the intricate details. They could not say enough about how nice and professional these guys were and how well they represented ETC. This couple was originally from this area and had moved away for many years and was not accustomed to this personable type service."

Call to Shelia
Bryan and Donna just had Broadband internet installed. Bryan said John Lowman did a great job. They also said they may upgrade to the Total Package later and would like for John to install. John was very nice and informative.

Call to Kim
John M wanted everyone at ETC to know what a professional job Brandon Jones did installing his service. He was early, polite, knowledgeable, and very helpful.

Customer Survey Comment
"The customer service rep, Lisa, in Jasper was the nicest rep I have ever dealt with. She is an asset to your company."

Call to Amanda
Carolyn B. called in to say how much she appreciates our tech support. Andrew Payne was so knowledgeable, courteous, & polite. She has never called in & them not be able to help her.

Email to Tech Support
Dear Dale Cochran. I find your enewsletter to be most informative especially the tutorials and ask the help desk. I am 77 years old and find computers mind boggling especially their terminology, so when you explain it in plain english it is great! Thanks again and keep the explanations coming. Jean and Jack."

Call to Barbara B.
Luis T. just called to say that Michael Reed did a fantastic job installing his Broadband & his DVR. He was very pleased & wanted to pass that on to ETC.

Call to Donna W.
I had a call from Paul B. He wanted to acknowledge David Totherow and how much he appreciated his patience. He also said that David was “really very pleasant and very knowledgeable.”

Call to Brent Dotson
I just received a call from Bill at Bent Tree and he wanted to let us know what a great job Howard Strohl had done on his security install.

Call to Karen A.
I just received a call from a Sharon from our Fannin Area wanting to let us know how much she appreciated ETC as a company and what they do in the community. She didn’t think we heard it enough so she wanted to make sure I told someone. Her daughter was one of the Basketball All Tourney winners and was excited that we were there taping the games. It meant a lot to her to be able to get copies of the games to send to the grandparents to watch.

Call to Barbara B.
I just talked to Patricia & she wanted ETC to know that John Moreland did a great job on her installation. She was just moving in & had movers delivering furniture & had boxes everywhere. She said he just worked around all that & was very polite.

Call to Lisa T.
Pam just called in to ask us to pass the word that Josh Hood did a wonderful job working on their wireless Tuesday, and she also stated she knew ETC was all about customer service.

Call to George R.
Harold called from the Bent Tree area to compliment Anthony Guglielmo. He said that Anthony explained everything very well and his service is the best it has ever been.

Call to Rena K.
Received a call from Linda. She said she wanted to call and give a lot of positive feedback to one of the greatest installers she had ever met. She did not know his name but said he was an elderly gentleman with such a great outlook on life and really made her day brighter. I looked up to find it was Larry Clayton. She wanted to thank him for a job well done.

Call to Janet H.
Linda called in to compliment Daniel Reece. He installed her Broadband and she said he was very professional, courteous, knowledgeable and a very nice person.

Call to Donna W. Customer Service Relations: "Anthony was very cordial and explained everything very well. He was very pleased and wanted to let ETC know what an EXCELLENT EMPLOYEE that we have."

From Randall Jones - Broadband Plant: "I received a phone call from a customer he wanted to let everyone know what a great job Phillip Underwood and Jamey Jordan did --- he was impressed at how much they cared --- he said they went to great lengths to make sure everything was good from the pole all the way to the equipment in the house before leaving."

Call to Candace G. Customer Service Relations: "A customer just came in the Jasper office and wanted to compliment ETC on there excellent service and packages. He just upgraded his cable and phone last month and was very pleased with every single detail in the change process. Most of all, his bill decreased $7 and he got more services. He was very pleased and wanted to thank everyone that was involved. Even the installer sat down with him and explained how to use the DVR and remote."

Call to Gwen M. Customer Service Manager: "A customer called in to tell management that the Steve Parks fixed her High Speed internet and was knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient."

From Kelly H. ETC3: "I spoke with a customer yesterday who was very excited about the changes we made with digital. She changed her package to get a DVR and Showtime (two things she wanted but couldn’t afford to add on before). Being able to drop the channels she didn’t really want allowed her to get what she wanted with only a $5 increase. She was excited about having more flexibility in choosing her cable service."

From Debbie S. - Warehouse: "A lightning storm caused an internet outage at Dr. Fowler’s office. Tom Walker happened to be at the office and advised them to reboot their high speed router. Thanks to Tom’s quick thinking, a work stoppage at Dr. Fowler’s office was avoided."

Call to Donna W. Customer Service Relations: "A lady called in to compliment Tony Ledford, stating she wasn’t used to having such a quick response. She said that Tony was a very nice and polite gentleman. She said she is very pleased with our service."

Call to Jessica S. Customer Service Relations: "A gentleman came in the office and was having a problem with a phone jack. Tony Ledford was in office and assisted him with questions and then I put in a trouble ticket and Tony went to his house and determined the problem. The customer came in today and wanted us to know how helpful and friendly Tony was. He said he did a great job."

Call to Lisa T. Customer Service Relations: "A new customer wanted to let everyone know what a wonderful job Shannon did today at her house. She says she also wants to send a letter to further compliment the hard work he did today."

From Matt Starks - Sales: "I sold service to the new comfort inn and suits in Blue Ridge several months ago. I received a call from the president of Omni Hospitality Wednesday and he informed me that they could not get the contractors they hired to finish their work and wanted to know if we could help. I made several calls to various departments and everyone pitched in and helped out. Randall Jones called me Thursday afternoon to let me know that he received a call from Joe with Omni Hospitality. Joe wanted to thank ETC for their Prompt and professional service. He also told Randall that when I first gave them my quote ETC was not the cheapest, but went with us because of our dedication to service and community. Congratulations to all that had a part of this order."

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