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ETC Celebrates 110 Year Anniversary

    Ellijay, Ga. – Originally established in 1903 as The Ellijay Telephone Exchange, ETC humbly began as a telephone company offering limited service to a few customers. In 2003, the company celebrated a 100 year birthday offering many communications and network services to multiple communities in North Central Georgia.
    Now in 2013, the company has reached yet another milestone; 110 years in business. Since its humble beginnings, ETC now reaches into 5 counties in North Georgia and Polk County, Tennessee. The company offers a variety of business and residential solutions to meet the growing demands of a society that is becoming more technologically advanced. “People are communicating in so many different ways,”explains Nathan Collier, ETC Marketing Director. “Our goal as an organization is to stay current and progressive with the technology constantly being introduced, and that’s always going to be a challenge that we must be prepared to take on as your local service provider.” .
    ETC is quickly becoming a novelty of sorts being that it is just one of a handful of family-owned, small market communications companies still standing in Georgia. This is impressive considering today’s competitive market which is continually seeing many rural companies of its size around the country beginning to sell out to larger systems such as Comcast and Charter.
    The company was purchased by Albert E. Harrison in 1958. Much like the company itself, Mr. Harrison came from humble beginnings and was known by many as a visionary. But who could have predicted that ETC would evolve from basic telephone service in the early 1900’s to modern day broadband and digital transmission? Since its 100 year celebration, ETC has added its own television station, ETC3, and several other lines of business including home automation, computer repair and backup, cable TV and directory advertising, and 24/7 security monitoring to name a few.
    While the future holds uncertainty for small telecommunications companies across the country, ETC continues to be an anchor business in the local community and remains committed to serving its customers. Like many other century old businesses, the organization has witnessed World Wars, government regulations, and generally tough economic times. But despite a few setbacks along the way, the company has history on its side. “We have always prided ourselves on providing unmatched customer service while being truly committed to the communities we serve,” says Assistant VP Jason Smith. “ETC is looking forward to serving our customers for another 110 years, and beyond.”

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