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What is NorthGANow.com?
NorthGANow.com is a regional website portal hosted by ETC and is north Georgia's overwhelming online choice for news, weather, and entertainment from Hiawassee to North Canton. Our home page features headline news as well as links to other pages and sites related to the North Georgia area such as community directory, calendar of events, local information, ETC Web Mail and more.

Portals are an all in one resource for web users. Typically a user will make a portal the Home Page on their computer. It automatically opens in their web browser making it the first place to check in on the day's regional and local news, weather, sports, blogs and videos.

Who Uses NorthGANow.com?
North Georgia residents and businesses use NorthGANow.com as their home page to keep on top of local and regional news as well as use it as a business networking point. ETC customers use the portal to access their webmail account and newcomers to the area find out about area services and entertainment attractions.

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